Hit and run driver arrested

January 7, 2013

chpCalifornia Highway Patrol officers arrested a man on Saturday who crashed into the back of a San Luis Obispo police vehicle before fleeing the scene.

On Dec. 31, shortly after Sgt. Jeff Booth entered the highway from the Prado Road on-ramp, Wade Evin Hamby, driving an older white Chevrolet pick-up traveling at excessive speeds, allegedly attempted to pass several cars by pulling into the slow lane. He then plowed into Booth’s vehicle propelling it to the center median and into a guard rail. Booth sustained minor injuries.

Hamby then fled the scene traveling northbound.

Officers arrested Hamby, 49, for hit and run resulting in injuries and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $50,000.


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Brother Ted, who the hell is Dan Matthew’s? Character or real?

Character….played by Broderick Crawford. I think the show was called Highway Patrol.


Dan Matthews was a fictious Highway Patrol character in the TV series “Highway Patrol” of the1950’s.


It was a show about the California Highway Patrol, before CHIPS with Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada was even thought about. The show starred Broderick Crawford as the tough Chief, Dan Matthews, and was a Highway Patrol before the Miranda rights, and the coddling of criminals as they have to do today.

Subjectively, the 55 Buick Century 68 police cruiser was another star of the show.


Thanks, Brother, your knowledge is endless…

Bunch of whipper snappers, never got to see good TV :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCPqlwxibMo

Sorry for the redundancy

I’ll tell you what, Sgt Jeff Booth is no Dan Matthew’s of the Highway Patrol fame!

No matter how hurt Dan Matthew’s was, he’d simply brush it off. If ol’ Dan was in this situation and if he didn’t have a car to use because it was wrecked, he would have pulled his firearm and waved down a car on 101 to use to go after this criminal hit and run driver!

Nope, they just don’t make em like Dan Matthews anymore. :(


I am not quite old enough to remember that show but I thought your comment wasn’t worthy of a 15-0 dislike/like ratio so I had to go against the grain and give you 1 thumbs up.

Dan could brush it off because he was so gruff that pain just ran away from him!


Does anyone think that Dan Matthew’s would stop going after a driver that hit his cherished 55 Buick Century 68 police cruiser and injured him too? NOT! He would have put the pedal to the metal and pull out all stops to capture the hit and run driver!

In the picture in the link below, Dan gives a vehement “10-4” while looking like he will take no sh*t!


Always remember one of Dan Matthew’s sign off statements; “The careless driver isn’t driving his car, he’s aiming it!”