Marijuana deliveryman robbed in Santa Maria

January 17, 2013

pot plantsA man robbed a medical marijuana delivery man at gunpoint Wednesday evening in Santa Maria. [Noozhawk]

An employee of the Go Green Compassionate Care Collective was delivering medical marijuana to a patient when the robber approached him with a handgun in the 500 block of East Cook Street around 7:30 p.m.

“The suspect demanded two cases full of marijuana products the victim was attempting to deliver to a patient,” said Santa Maria Police Sgt. Russ Mengel.

No injuries occurred. The suspect, who was in his early 20s, fled by foot and remained at large.



The robber must have either known the patient, or the delivery driver. How else would he know what was in the cases? Either that or he has a skunky sense of smell.


Now let me get this straight? In the previous article a man working for a collective gets arrested after being pulled over while deliving? Then in this article the police ar elooking for a robber who stole probably the same amount of herb from the cops took from Chance at Ebotanica. What a crock of shit I tell you!! Crock of Shit this world!!

The Gimlet Eye

Exactly, you hit the nail on the head. What a gd corrupt society we live in! It’s ain’t based on liberty, democracy, or any of the croc of sh, it’s based on opportunistic crime! It’s a society filled with predators!


Note to self: Do NOT become a Med. Marijuana delivery driver.


As long as marijuana remains in the legal purgatory between feds and states, this beat will go on.

The Gimlet Eye

Cui bono?


The alleged robber was seen shortly after the crime knocking on the door of a local residence…


Why haven’t the feds closed the pot shop down taken those involved to jail (throw away the key).


What ?

Are you on something ?

Other than that…Two cases for one patient ? Really ?


For the same reason the liquor stores and parmacies are open……it is legal in this state and soon to be across the country. From your posting you sound like you have a legitimate case of anxiety and could use some medication! Probably due to your hangover…..