Randy Quaid denied bid to stay in Canada

January 27, 2013
Randy and Evi Quaid

Randy and Evi Quaid

Canadian immigration officials have denied Randy Quaid’s request for permanent resident status in Canada.

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi Quaid have repeatedly failed to respond to outstanding charges of felony vandalism at their former home in Montecito, Calif., to which they allegedly broke into and caused more than $5,000 worth of damage. The couple instead fled to Canada.

Randy Quaid has battled to stay in Canada, claiming he is being hunted by “Hollywood star-whackers” who he says killed his friends David Carradine and Heath Ledger.

Evi Quaid was awarded Canadian citizenship because her father was Canadian born. Randy Quaid can appeal the decision to deny permanent residency status in Canadian federal court.

Last January, a Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge ruled that the bail bond company that posted a $1 million bail for the Quaids will not be getting its money back. Arrest warrants remain outstanding for the Quaids.



How would some of you feel if you went to work or went on a holiday and then arrived home to find forged documents from criminals claiming its no longer your home? Then you are charged based on the forged documents and charged for trespassing and vandalizing your own home. Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be? The shock and trauma you would go through? Unfortunately it was a reality not a horror movie! Then the criminals are trying to kill you because you are standing up for yourself and speaking the truth. Plus the criminals want your insurance money because they already fixed that too! They try to separate you from your mate to weaken you and so they can do their bait and leverage tactics on you. If you have a pet or a child the criminals will use them too! These type of criminals will do anything for money: lie, cheat , steal and even kill! Then the criminals get the tabloids to do some character assassinations trying to make the Quaids look like criminals and or crazy. How would you feel ? What would you do? Its their home and their money which they had rightfully earned. Remember its criminals that don’t believe in doing an honest days work so they target, hack , track and whack good upstanding citizens like the Quaids. There has been a lot of disappearances, mystery murders, etc. but thankfully the Quaids are alive to tell. We as humane humans need to advocate and support the Quaids as they have the right to basic human rights. There was a time when the judicial system and media worked together to expose truths and get real justice, where they genuinely tried their best to serve and protect the people. Unfortunately now we are in a time where we need to demand transparency and parents need to tell their children that not all who are in a position of power and authority are good and that some are evil..

Spirit Filled

Fay, this is a great story. When’s the book coming out? Hold one for me will you? I might hire you to write my story……..When I was born we didn’t have these fancy hospitals you kids have. I was born near a stream in Montana. Bears raised me til I was 12 then I was handed on to the wolves for 4 years. They all got together and bought me a brand new Modal A for my sixteenth birthday. Story can go on and on with your help. You are a great story teller!

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OK, you completely ran this, person into the ground, so what’s the REAL story? Waiting.


YOU TOO !!??


There goes his “Vacation”. Maybe a Canadian sequel will follow.


This guy and his wife are complete nut jobs. It didn’t take Canada long to figure these two out.

Canada has no place for such lunatics.

The Gimlet Eye

How in the world would YOU know? Do you know these people personally? Or, did you read about it in the National Enquirer?


Draft dodging cowards=Yes. America’s criminals=No.


Actually professor, I read and followed both the American and the Canadian media, not the tabloids, and most everyone agrees the guy is crazy. His history speaks for itself.

Canadian immigration allowed him to stay on a technicality (his wife’s relationship to Canada) until the case could be reviewed. Once it was, he was determined to be unqualified to be granted refugee, or landed immigrant status.

Canada has standards.

The Gimlet Eye

“most everyone agrees the guy is crazy”?

Sources? Links? What are we missing here? I’d like to read them for myself if you don’t mind.


With all the resources and contacts at their disposal, surely the star whackers could nail him up in Canada if they wanted.

I don’t think Randy is any safer up there than he was here.

I think he should come home and face the music for trashing the house in Santa Barbara.


I’ve read about this fruitcake before and now, reading this article, I have to ask myself this.

Why the hell should I care and why is this “news”?

The Gimlet Eye
The Gimlet Eye

CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries ‘offered covert support’

Report finds at least 54 countries co-operated with global kidnap, detention and torture operation mounted after 9/11 attacks

The full extent of the CIA’s extraordinary rendition programme has been laid bare with the publication of a report showing there is evidence that more than a quarter of the world’s governments covertly offered support.

A 213-page report compiled by the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI), a New York-based human rights organisation, says that at least 54 countries co-operated with the global kidnap, detention and torture operation that was mounted after 9/11, many of them in Europe.

So widespread and extensive was the participation of governments across the world that it is now clear the CIA could not have operated its programme without their support, according to the OSJI.

Canada not only permitted the use of its airspace but provided information that led to one of its own nationals being taken to Syria where he was held for a year and tortured, the report says.



In my opinion this pretty much sums them up.


He should be fined twice that amount for impersonating an actor.


$1 million bond for $5K in property damage? I guess that say’s it all, talk about feeding into the Quaids paranoia and taking advantage of their mental illness. I wouldn’t come back either.


Another crook in a black robe steals a million bucks from the people, because he can. It’s they who pays the premiums for the bonding Co.’s ins.

It almost sounds logical that he’s being hunted (Quaid), why drop 100k against a 5k beef with the “law”?