Supervisor Gibson sneaks girlfriend back in office?

January 10, 2013


Supervisor Bruce Gibson has brought his legislative assistant and mistress back to work for him in his office, several county employees said.

These employees contend Gibson is attempting to bring Cherie Aispuro back to work at his side without public exposure.

Gibson’s adulterous, long-term affair with Aispuro— his legislative assistant of six years — had been slated to cost county taxpayers $68,870 in annual salary plus benefits for a parallel county position she was offered by the county administrator.

Since November, after Gibson admitted the affair and claimed he was planning to file for divorce from his wife, Aispuro has worked in the county clerk’s office at almost double what her co-workers are making for the same work. Meanwhile, Gibson has been operating without an assistant.

A secretary for the supervisors’ office, Kristi Gutierrez, said she is unaware if Aispuro is again serving as Gibson’s assistant. When asked if Aispuro had been in Gibson’s office Wednesday, Gutierrez affirmed, saying that Gibson and his friend had spent time in Gibson’s office.

County Council Rita Neal said that today Aispuro is working in the county clerk recorder’s office.

When asked if Aispuro is going back and forth between serving as Gibson’s legislative assistant and working in the clerk’s office, Neal said, “I am not at liberty to discuss that. On the record, Aispuro’s position in the clerk’s office has always been temporary.”

Calls for confirmation to County Administrative Officer Dan Buckshi and Human Resources Director Tami Douglas-Schatz were not returned.

Cherie Aispuro was appointed by Gibson as his legislative assistant, an at-will job that concludes when the elected official leaves office. After news of the affair with Gibson became public, the county offered Aispuro the new job.


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I just sent Gibson a dime so he can buy a stupid paper bag to ware on his stupid head. Forgive me; I just returned from the store to see my stupid reusable bags in my stupid laundry room. I’m tired of being led by stupid people and I will not be bullied the rest of my stupid life.

I call the “Paper Only” Bag County; the “Extra Marital Affair Fund” for our County Supervisors!

Going green to get the bling.

It’s time for our elected officials to quit playing the “Hokey Pokey” and start doing what they are being paid to do.

Keep up the good work CCN!!!!!!

This will be my last comment here for this article. People can disagree with whatever I wrote, I don’t care. This is information that came to me and passed along.

More will come out about Gibson soon, and it won’t come from me and the facts won’t be debated. Keep up the good work CCN!

OK, so since I can’t talk about certain people here, I’ll just mention a few tidbits about Gibson that I have in my notes.

I went to office hours in Los Osos about a year ago. He made a crack about Julie Tacker and poked fun at her “affair” with Jeff Edwards because Ben DiFatta, one of the people who speak before the BOS on Tuesdays, mentioned a comment Julie made about Gibson. Can’t remember what DiFatta said. Now that we know he had an affair with his legislative assistant, it’s very hypocritical to make light of someone’s supposed extramarital affairs while having one of your own.

Here’s something that I wanted to e-mail CCN about as a tip. I have a friend who knows Maria Kelly and really likes her. She thinks Maria’s been screwed over by the CCN for printing the truth. The truth hurts. Anyway, she told me that Bruce Gibson actually called Maria up one evening after the news broke and he actually cursed her out for having a relationship with Paavo Ogren. He went after her while HE had his OWN affair. Say what you want about Maria, but for Bruce to do that is very, VERY hypocritical.

He’s not a nice person. He has this male chauvinist/alpha male personality that doesn’t jive with many of his constituents. People who support him give him a get out of jail card for behavior that is normally not kosher in other places.


Please give us the date of the meeting. If you have notes, they probably have a date, right? I have missed very, very few office hour meetings and do not recall this. This does not sound like Gibson at office hours AT ALL and I keep dated notes on each meeting I attend, which if you were there, you would have noticed. I could also tell you who else was there at the meeting. Let’s see if they remember what you say. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I take lots and lots of notes.

Let’s just start there. Making up stuff to smear Gibson with isn’t fair.

Well, considering Gibson’s small stature & his limp wristed appearance, he HAS to come off as a chauvinistic/alpha male…He’s NOT a MANLY MAN!

Talks big but is very small if this story is accurate. He needs to re-evaluate his life. Maybe bring his wife in the office rather than his so called mistress.

Have a good day! Blessings to all.

Like his wife is a piece of furniture to be carted around? Like maybe she doesn’t have a busy career herself, but instead spends her time barefoot in the kitchen waiting for orders?

Maybe giving orders would be better.As long as she is taking care of her family. Who cares if she is barefoot and pregnant.

Women in no way should be ordered to do anything. After all you ladies carry our babies. And damn well I might add.

God Bless all women. They are not only up for Sainthood but they are Saints. God knows it and so do I. Good examples for their kids. Can you hear the applause?

I mean it.

Bruce would not speak one way or the other about Tacker/Edwards…he’s smarter than that.

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