CalCoastNews announces its literary corner

March 29, 2013

season cover 2CalCoastNews is now providing two chapters a week of choice novels from selected writers for your literary enjoyment.

Our first novel, Season of the Beast, is a chilling tale of a gripping evil blossoming in an unfortunate autumn for the residents of a small Wisconsin college town.

The late Ray Bradbury worked with his close friend, “Season of the Beast” author Bob Jacobs, on polishing his novel.

“The characters are all well drawn… and the atmosphere works and chills one. You scared me a couple of times. Bravo,” Bradbury said after his final review of “Season of the Beast.”

“Season of the Beast” is chilling tale of a gripping evil that blossoms during an unfortunate autumn for the residents of a small Wisconsin college town. Jacobs weaves his tale of terror in a similar fashion to horror writers like Stephen King and Bradbury, while still adding a freshness and originality to his demon.

During their friendship, Bradbury sent Jacobs more than 300 letters many detailing his writing efforts. Jacob’s next book, due this summer, is a non-fiction includes many of these letters.

“My poetry will be out from KNOPF in November, 50 poems, worked on over a period of some 14 years, 35 years, really. Only the last few years has the stuff begun to get GOOD. Jesus, I have been patient with me, waiting for my MUSE to deliver. Everyone was against me. Sound paranoid? Got advice from all my friends 14 years ago to stop poetry. But I couldn’t. Just had to go ahead and put my head in the guillotine and get it chopped,” Bradbury wrote in a letter to Jacobs in 1973.


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More mental masterbation with what’s happening in the real world today?? You know, the rogue, terrorist gov’t., a collapsing economy, a fraudulant, controlled media destroying our future due to a lack of attention to reality and you want to dwell in the absurd?

Dump the idea, and dump the Enquirer crapola which is taking over here. Sure, pop the Hicks and dumbasses in town for their Mayberry antics if you feel a need to keep readership but while you have their attention, inform.

I thought it was time to “Get Real”.

Great idea! Cannot wait to sample some literary works. Will these be strictly local authors, or area, or any?