Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center CEO retiring

March 26, 2013

Candace “Candy” MarkwithCandace “Candy” Markwith announced on Monday her plan to retire as Chief Executive Officer at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center effective September 15. She has been at Sierra Vista, the City’s largest private employer, since March 2005.

“Candy Markwith has been the major force behind the developments that have allowed Sierra Vista to be so successful in recent years,” said Jeff Koury, senior vice president of operations for Tenet’s California region. “Her leadership and vision has shaped Sierra Vista’s award-winning quality programs and provided the community with an outstanding medical institution.”

Markwith, a pharmacist by training with more than 35 years with Tenet and its predecessor companies, started her career as a weekend shift pharmacist at Twin Cities Community Hospital and quickly rose to leadership positions, eventually spending seven years as the hospital’s Chief Operating Officer.

During her tenure at Sierra Vista the hospital has earned numerous quality and service designations and awards including becoming San Luis Obispo County’s first-ever officially designated Trauma Center, Joint Commission accreditation as a Primary Stroke Center and for Congestive Heart Failure, Gold Quality Achievement Awards from the American Heart Association, Cigna Centers of Excellence, Blue Distinction Awards from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Premium Specialty Center Designations and recognition as a High Performing Regional Hospital by U.S. News & World Report in its annual Best Hospitals in America edition.

On a personal level, Markwith earned awards and honors that included among others Top 50 Women in Business for Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County and the Susan Dressler Women in Administrative Leadership Award from Cuesta College. She is a fourth generation native of San Luis Obispo County and a Paso Robles High School graduate.

An executive search is currently underway for a new CEO who will continue to strengthen the hospital’s relationship with the community and further its reputation as a trusted, high-quality provider.


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French Hospital also seems to be getting rid of any management types who’ve been there a while and had great performance (i.e. Thompkins top 100); odd that when an entity performs, the management is axed… I mean, retired.

Let’s hope Sierra doesn’t follow French in their horrible management change decisions, and start to slide back down into an under-performing hospital.

Forgot to add my theory as to why “Candy” is likely leaving: the ax needs to fall at Sierra (SLO really cannot support and maintain two hospitals, and both are flailing in the wind for patients) and Ms. Markwith likely does not want to be the one to dismiss people she’s worked with and relied on for years. Similar happened at French. The new management CEO will likely be a hatchet man/woman.

The writing is on the wall. SLO needs to be pruned down to one hospital. Santa Maria could use two, as can Paso/Atascadero; but SLO does not seem to be able to support both any longer. I wish it was different, but with the massive amount of regulation and laws, the costs going up, reimbursement going down… it’s not really a complicated problem overall.

All the best to Markwith and wherever she lands.

maybe instead of all the odd ideas and wonder about what is going on maybe it is all about Mrs. Markwith turning 65 and retiring.

Best of everything to her she is one of the best.

Private sector people don’t retire at 65 from management, normally. Still, point taken.