Plan to regulate pot touted

March 25, 2013
Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano

A new state bureaucracy to regulate medical cannabis is being proposed by a San Francisco Democrat who believes California “has been in chaos for years” over muddled marijuana laws. (Bay Area News Group)

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill would create the Division of Medical Cannabis Regulation and Enforcement within the existing Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The lawmaker asserts his measure would monitor supply and sales of the weed to assure the product is free of toxins, and “eliminate” criminal behavior.

“Cities have been looking for state guidance, dispensaries feel at the mercy of changing rules and patients who need medical cannabis are uncertain about how their legitimate medical needs will be filled,” said Ammiano in a prepared release. “This is a concrete plan that will keep medical marijuana safe. We will get it into the right hands and keep it out of the wrong hands.”

Colorado has successfully used a similar model for the past three years, according to Ammiano.

A  consultant who helped craft the Colorado regulatory plan, Matt Cook, said the ABC is experienced in areas necessary, such as education, compliance and enforcement.”

Cook added, “We’ve not had one federal intervention.”

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What the hell do we need the gov to “regulate” it for?

MJ is a medicinal herb, for God’s sake!

Do we “regulate” Ginseng? Goldenseal?

This is nobody’s business but the buyer’s and seller’s!

Better that the gov just stay out of the whole business of buying and selling altogether!

It’s Martin Short! One of the Three Amigos is leading the charge eh!

Ammiano, Leno, Boxer and Feinstein. San Francisco’s gift to the US.

Another guy who would have been more beneficial to society had he gotten into a trade. Instead he’s another liability for life for someone who did.

Just another way to collect MONEY from Califorians! All Goofy wants to do is tax (I mean set up a “fee” because a tax would be illegal) the clinics. The clinics, of course, will pass in on to the customers… so, once again, Californians get screwed. Just remember Californians voted Goofy and his buddies into office.

They always do…