Former coach appeared intoxicated before beer bottle assault

April 19, 2013
Randy Hanson

Randy Hanson

The former Cal Poly football coach who allegedly assaulted a man with a beer bottle appeared intoxicated the night of the fight outside a Pismo Beach bar. [Tribune]

Prior to allegedly striking James Kelsey in the face with a beer bottle outside Harry’s night club, Randy Hanson, a Cal Poly defensive coach at the time, had been drinking at Mr. Rick’s in Avila Beach.

Bar manager Shad Snell testified Thursday at the felony assault trial of Hanson that the former Cal Poly football coach was “bumping into people and not knowing his surroundings.” Snell had previously told police that Hanson was dancing alone the night of August 3, 2012 at Mr. Ricks and appeared “jolly” as he did so.

Kelsey was also at Mr. Rick’s at the time, and he helped Hanson to secure a limousine ride to Pismo Beach, according to various witnesses. Hanson then invited Kelsey, a friend, his wife and stepson along in the limo.

The limo stopped at Harry’s, and when Kelsey returned early in the morning of August 4, he found Hanson lying inside in a fetal position. Kelsey nudged Hanson to move over, and Hanson responded by hitting him in the face with the beer bottle, the prosecution said.

The blow resulted in a broken nose and a concussion.

Kelsey’s stepson, Tyler Terry, testified that he tried to retaliate, but the limo driver locked the vehicle, shielding Hanson inside.

“I was furious,” Terry said.

Cal Poly hired Hanson as a defensive backs coach in April 2012, and he resigned from the position 11 days after Pismo Beach police arrested him for assault. Hanson previously coached for the Oakland Raiders and other National Football League teams.


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This is hilarious too bad the Funke math problem didnt work out…..

Seems like something that should be handled as a civil matter… why is the state even involved in this case? it certainly doesn’t seem like Hanson was completely aware of what he was doing, but nonetheless he needs to make it up to Kelsey in some way in addition to paying his medical bills. That is all. Court Dismissed.

See how easy it is to save money?