Gun control package progresses in California Senate

April 17, 2013

gunsCalifornia gun control legislation, dubbed the “LIFE Act” by Democratic leaders, advanced out of the Senate Public Safety Committee Tuesday. [LA Times]

The Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act is a package of bills that contains several gun control provisions, including requirements for permits and background checks in order to buy ammunition and a ban on the possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The LIFE ACT passed the Senate Public Safety Committee by a 5-2, party-line vote, and it now moves on to another Senate committee.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa flew to Sacramento Tuesday to testify before the Public Safety Committee.

“From coast to coast, we have seen too many children killed or living in the aftermath of horrific violence,” Villaraigosa said. “You have before you today the opportunity to make our laws stronger, an opportunity to make California a leader again on the issue of gun violence.”

Gun control opponents also testified at the hearing, including Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson.

“I will never take a gun away from a citizen who has a right to bear arms,” Wilson said.


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Boston bombing: blame the bombers.

Drunk driver kills someone: blame the driver.

Terrorist fly planes into buildings: blame the terrorists.

Any kind of firearms incident: blame the gun?

Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

Gun rights are civil rights.

I don’t understand why Sacramento legislators and so many here are anti civil rights.

Don’t tread on my civil rights.


The potential unintended consequences of what the California legislature is trying to do is troubling…

If Brown actually acts like the governor of CA and not a partisan politico, he’ll veto them if they get that far.

The lawsuits and $$$ drain that would come from passing these silly and pernicious laws would be most sobering.

Just imagine the unintended consequences. The $.05/round tax will be ignored by people filling-up their trunks with ammo while on a weekender in AZ or NZ. Same with the $50/year license to buy ammo.

Imagine the person who digs their Ruger 10/22 out of the closet to take their 6 year old shooting for the first time and getting arrested because a .22LR rifle formerly sold at hardware stores is now classes as an “assault weapon.”

These bills will do absolutely nothing to increase public safety.

Can someone show me how the democrats are planning to enforce these laws on gang members and drug dealers? Or do they only plan to enforce them on the law abiding? In case you are stupid those are rhetorical questions.

Don’t worry the stupid is clearly visible.

Ditto much?

They don’t. Gang members and drug dealers are close allies of theirs.

It is the LAW ABIDING who are their enemies.

It truly is remarkable how the anti-Second Amendment gun banners/confiscators like Obama, Biden and Feinstein go about spewing abject ignorance and lies about firearms. Personal opinions that contravene documented facts.

It gets offensive when they demand that we accept their lies and ignorance without critical review. It’s that sort of arrogance and stupidity that doomed their crusade from the very beginning — and it will do so again in the future.

It truly is remarkable how the Second Amendment gun owners go about spewing abject ignorance and lies about America. Personal opinions that contravene documented facts.

It gets offensive when they demand that we accept their lies and ignorance without critical review. It’s that sort of arrogance and stupidity that doomed their crusade from the very beginning — and it will do so again in the future.

Fixed it for you.

So do you think gangs and drug cartels walk into your local gun store to purchase ammunition? What a joke. Just another way to take away the freedoms of law abiding citizens. If they push this through, then watch for the next hammer to drop. You will be limited as to the amount of ammunition you can purchase. Pretty soon they will confinscate all our knives and we’ll have to eat everything with a spoon!

UK doctors are calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing.

Villaraigosa and his cousin John Perez (first openly gay Assembly leader) are preparing for a “take over” of the California government with Villaraigosa running for Governor when Brown retires. For Californians, this will mean union boss control, complete gun control and confiscation for legal gun owners, equal rights and more funding for illegal immigrants and the ultimate push of the gay agenda. Villaraigosa (not his real name) is not interested in or even knowledgable about the Constitution or individual liberty and freedom. Don’t be surprised that he will be secretly supported financially by the Sinaloa drug cartel in his bid for governor (this is how politicians win office in Mexico and how the drug cartels buy influence).

Attempts at additional gun control were soundly rejected at the national level today, thanks be to God. US Senators listened to their constituents and bravely voted accordingly.

There are still two amendments to be voted on tomorrow. One includes funding for mental health matters on a federal level. I hope it passes even if it’s moot as it’s perhaps the only one (of 9) amendments that (should) make sense to everyone involved.

I hope here in CA that state reps will realize that their radical and unconstitutional ways will not be tolerated. CA is not “leading the way” on gun safety. It’s merely piling up more and more inane, worthless, expensive and unenforceable laws. Just look at NY, CO, MDand CT and how they are scrambling to prepare to defend their gun banning/confiscation measures in court.

The same will happen here in CA and it’s going to get ugly. I have no doubt that liberty and freedom will ultimately prevail, once again, thanks be to God.

Don’t count on the Sam, check out the link, especially the videos, they are sadly humorous how uninformed and lacking most are here in California. I do not believe this can be repeated with those on the conservative side.

Most will eventually pass. The politicians are clueless and because they were whacked in DC they want to show the conservatives who’s boss in CA. It’s a sad day for freedom and a good day for criminals as these new firearm laws will have next to no effect on criminal activity. .

Then they will be tied-up in court will they will ultimately fail…

Thank GOD I don’t live in your state any more, the leftists in cal don’t have a clue what the 2nd amendment means. You have a state and fed government that wants all of everything you have so they can live a life style that the average person can never afford at our expense. Thacher said it right…

sooner or later big government and socialists will run out of OTHER peoples MONEY, and you want to know why they want to take your right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS AWAY.

A survey was done lately on the most gun friendly state in the union that passes laws that protects the 2nd amendment, YA you guessed it, ARIZONA was number 1.

Just remember when SECOND’s count…..the POLICE and the GOVERMENT ……are MINUTES AWAY!



I was born and raised in Cal…. lived there for 56 years… but I got out of there because of leftist liberals like you that want to take MY RIGHTS away that I fought for ( ya I’m A viet nam era vet 1970-1974 ) and my DAD ( ww2) and my grand father (ww1) and my son that did 2 tours in the sand box called IRAQ to protect YOUR 1st amendment rights.


You actually sound as if you are here trying to talk yourself into the notion that you’re happy you left CA and that you enjoy living in AZ…


I hear ya. And it’s not just firearm laws that got us to move. Just bought a ranch in the mountains of AZ. I was born in CA, now I’m out of here as I just retired. Same with the wife. CA is overloaded with too many negatives. To each his/her own and ours is in AZ now riding horses in the great wide open.

AZ CRAIG Your history is irrelevant, we all have the same rights, we all have equal claims.

It’s not about who shouts more or who has the biggest gun.

You are SOOOO right. We do all have the same rights. The 2nd amendment says the RIGHT to bear arms. NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tojofay, too bad more people like the above individual do not live here, instead we have a bunch of sheep that are foolishly being gaslighted by the man and want to turn in their guns so only the Tyrants (criminals and government) can easily herd them. Take a lesson from Mexico dude, total gun control, total death, fear, and destruction to those poor people.

The last thing CA needs it more cowards who bug-out when things get hot…

Right on Downtown Bob. Instead of gun control how about mentally ill control? Guns are just one of many means of killing, but apparently the retardates havent figured that out yet. Instead they chose to disarm the law abiding masses so the criminally minded and ill can carry on without worry of being stopped

“the retardates” and the rest of your comment does not make any sense (to a reasonable person).

This is why more gun control will happen.

I prefer to fight rather than flee…

Me to Samlouis

That’s why I carry A GUN .

As do I.

This begs the question:

Who has the biggest gun? We are comparing guns, now aren’t we?

Yes, but please do not post picture’s of your “biggest gun” it’s not that kind of site.

Also is this like cars, where the person with the biggest gun (or most guns) really has the “smallest gun” if you know what I mean?

DIFI herself spoke the truth this morning.

“Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) said on the floor this morning that background checks would not have stopped Newtown-shooter Adam Lanza from getting a gun. “Let me be clear: universal background checks are very important – I strongly support them – but they would not have been prevented the tragedy in Newtown,” Feinstein said.”

Yeah Feinstein, did it stop his mama?

Feinstein is a horrible senator. In brief, she lies. I hope she takes this loss as a sign to retire. She tried to burnish her legacy and she failed. It’s high time for her to go.