Lois Capps questions cuts to Social Security

April 11, 2013
Lois Capps

Lois Capps


“Today President Obama presented a budget that represents his continued efforts to invest in our economy, strengthen the middle class, and reduce the deficit in a responsible and balanced way through a combination of spending cuts and new revenue.

“Overall, the President’s budget is a reflection of his understanding that our country’s greatest challenge is to get our economy fully restarted and creating jobs. His budget invests in our economy by funding important priorities like research and development, education, and infrastructure.

“The President knows we won’t create jobs today or enable sustained economic growth without investing in innovation and ensuring our kids receive a quality education. And I am pleased that his budget replaces the sequester, which is already causing harmful cuts to important priorities on the Central Coast and across the country.

“He funds basic research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ensures our ports are secure, makes sure all our kids come to school ready to learn through programs like Head Start, and guarantees that seniors in need of a good meal can get it through programs like Meals on Wheels.

“While I appreciate President Obama’s genuine effort to yet again go the extra mile to find common ground with Republicans in Congress and get Washington working again, I am disappointed that misplaced cuts to our nation’s social safety net are so front and center.

“Especially glaring is the President’s inclusion of the Republican plan to cut Social Security benefits by reducing cost of living increases. The use of so-called “chained CPI,” an inaccurate change to the Social Security cost of living formula, would result in benefit cuts for our seniors, persons with disabilities, and our veterans.

“Social Security has not contributed to our deficit and benefits should not be cut in the name of deficit reduction, particularly as fewer employers offer pension plans and private retirement plans have been hit by the recession. I know we can meet the challenge of bringing our budget in line without cutting programs so important to seniors living on a fixed income.”


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This is YOUR doing, Lois Capps:

Apple paid zero taxes on $74 billion in earnings.

[This is legal because the company operates out of two countries with different tax rules. Congress creates loopholes like this to extract campaign donations from the favored companies.]

Yahoo 2013 May 21


If Ms. Capps really wants to talk about transparency and honesty, talk to us about the deal Harry Reid and John Boneher have discussing for months about exempting themselves and 1000’s of aides and high ranking officials in Washington D.C. (land of the privileged) from Obamacare. According to Politico, this special plan will only work if bot parties agree because of the fall out from the serfs.

LINK: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/obamacare-exemption-lawmakers-aides-90610.html

Please Ms. Capps, tell us where you stand on this issue, you are one of the key medical advisors for your the Democrats, so I want to why this is not good enough for you, your aides, etc. I am waiting!!!

Yes, Mrs. Capps, we are ALL waiting!

Your silence on these issues does not speak well of you, Mrs. Capps!

Wonder how “the nicest legislator” voted on the amendment that exempted members of the house from insider trading?

Wonder if she has read the obamacare mandate/tax document yet?

Probably not. It is SOP NOT to read them.

Government by fiat works great, doesn’t it?

Gee, Mrs. Capps, I’m getting discouraged at your lack of “transparency.”

SS is not the only bubble right now, as you know, Mrs. Capps. What do you think about this one?

The US government expects to collect $33.5 billion in 2013 on repayment of student loans. [Current interest rates on these loans will double in July from 3.4% to 6.8%. It is said that the result will be an increase in profit to the government, but many loans will default, which will result in a decrease in profit to the government. What part of the Constitution authorizes the government to be in the loan business, anyway?]

AllGov 2013 Apr 14


Please refrain from asking questions that require knowledge, skill and common sense to answer. Stick to ones that are focus-group driven to tug at heart-strings and/or pit us against one another. Kthanx

Obama signed a law that removed the requirement that high ranking government employees must disclose their financial transaction to the public.

The Hill 2013 Apr 15


Pretty convenient for you, eh, Mrs. Capps?

No wai! He’s like the most totally TRANSPARENT administration in, like, forever, you know? *hair-twirl*

I mean, Nancy Pelosi said they were going to “Drain the Swamp” back in ’06 – it should be pretty dry by now, eh?

The only “transparency” is in our own privacy.