Man pleads to attempted murder with an American flag

April 11, 2013
Brennen Fulfer

Brennen Fulfer

A San Luis Obispo man who attempted to murder a 90-year-old woman with an American flag pleaded no contest Wednesday to attempted murder. [Tribune]

Under the plea agreement, Brennen Fulfer, 26, will receive a 13-year sentence.

According to court testimony, Fulfer had been having homicidal thoughts for weeks prior to the 2009 incident and laid out a plan to commit a murder. Fulfer broke into Mildred Maddelein’s mobile home, struck her several times and attempted to smother her with an American flag before he choked her to unconsciousness.

He then went to the San Luis Obispo Police department and said “I think I just killed someone.”

His attorney had argued Fulfer was incompetent to stand trial because of his autism. In Sept., the court ruled Fulfer was competent.

Fulfer is slated to be sentenced on June 12.

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We should start banning flags… OBVIOUSLY, if he did not have easy access to one, Mildred never would have been chocked into unconsciousness.

One of those guys who if you look into their eyes you see the back of their head. Death sentence asap, Please.

I wonder what kind of psychotropic drugs this guy was on? They never mention that angle.

LOL @ “Myself.” People don’t kill people. Flags do. O, if we could only get rid of all the flags, the world would be a safer place.

Now look what this guy did, now the rest of us will have to register to buy flags.