Nevada’s mental patients’ ticket to ride

April 22, 2013

mental healthNevada health officials have been quietly putting psychiatric patients on buses and shipping them to locales all over the U.S., and California has become a favorite destination, a Sacramento Bee investigation reveals.

Health services in Nevada have been drastically reduced in recent years, and in response to this, patients are simply dumped elsewhere. Since July 2008, records show, one facility in Las Vegas has downloaded 1,500 patients — to every state in the continental U.S.

Los Angeles County has been the most exploited, with more than 200 previously institutionalized patients bused there; others went in numbers to Sacramento and San Diego.

In the past three years, Nevada lawmakers have cut mental health expenditures by 28 percent. And it has cost the state only $205,000 over five years for the bus tickets, compared to the $500 daily cost for each in-hospital patient — 4,000 of whom are admitted annually.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera today announced a formal investigation into whether the State of Nevada improperly “dumped” psychiatric patients to his city and across California.)

Updated 2:42 p.m. 04/22/13

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Build a 200 bed homeless shack and Nevada will start sending them to SLO,

If these people are Nevada residents send them back with a phone call to the mental health agency in charge, if they are residents of another state,send them there with a phone call to that mental health agency and they can take care of their own problems,we have enough of our own.


I left a few “Visit Colorado” pamphlets at my local Grocery store today right where the local homeless guy’s will find them. I suggest you all do the same.

The Gimlet Eye

Send them back.


Hey could we do the same ting with our hardcore homeless people? Might be cheaper and we could help the truly needy and improve our neighborhoods at the same time. But then Dee Torres would be out of a job! Silly me!


I know California has a reputation to uphold about being cutting edge in everything, but we could learn something from this…

Jorge Estrada

Nevada is largely funded by losers (Gambling Tourism). They travel from afar to fund those big buildings, meaningful local jobs and then go back to their employment elsewhere. The Loser Industry is a big cash cow so long as the losers reside in another state, Harry Read Mental Health 101, well daaaa. What is the surprize?


lose yer munny, lose yer mind, free trip to Cali


Actually, they probably had to make administrative decisions: Do we take care of all the illegals coming across the border which are Federal Government have given a right to do with rewards or do we take care of the mental ill. Decisions are tough, but need to be made by reasonable people.


“…illegals coming across the border which “ARE” Federal Government have given a right to do with rewards or…”

Or do we spend it on education, so people like you can learn to write coherently?

There are some decisions to be made, but before you join in get a GED


My goodness, ososkid, you must have taken your Los Osos nasty pill this morning. I am sorry for the typo of “ARE” vs “OUR” and since there (not their) is no way to correct my error after posting, may I recommend you not read my posts, since I am sure you live in your glass house in foggy Los Osos and never make a mistake, at least one you could see. Oh yea, you did move to Los Osos, BIG mistake!. This will help you feel better, although I don’t think it was my error, but rather the message. You are just too nasty! Good bye…

PS I like my eight years of higher education, paid for by my family and myself, along with my cell phone, computer, house, health care, food, etc. Who’s paying your way?


Putting your instead of you’re is a typo using the completely wrong word is an indication that you don’t understand the language. I seriously doubt you had eight years of “higher education” unless you spent those eight years at Cuesta.

I actually don’t live in Los Osos anymore. I live in Los Angeles, where I write for a television ad agency. We sell crappy products to stupid consumers who drool over any shiny thing I put in front of them. So who is paying for my mortgage, my car, my cell phone? You do. Your fat wife who sits at home eating Bon bons and watching daytime tv for losers does too. You are also paying for my pool. My cabin. My golf club membership, and most importantly my wife’s new tits.


And what has become of these people? They get elected to office……….


they seemed fine when they ran


that explains our City officials