Atascadero murder suspect felt “evil” coming from victim

May 31, 2013

tape 1An Atascadero man accused of killing his neighbor told police he felt an “evil” coming from the victim prior to her shooting death. [KCOY]

Mark Andrews, 49, admitted to shooting his neighbor Colleen Barga-Milbury, 52, to death Saturday, according to an Atascadero police report.

“He felt an evil feeling coming from the victim,” the police report stated.

Andrews has previously received a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but he told police in an interview following the murder that he was not taking his medication. The murder suspect also said he was hearing voices and believed Barga-Milbury was a vampire.

On Saturday, Andrews drove his car to Barga-Milbury’s house and shot her twice with a rifle, once in the abdomen and a second time in the head, according to the police report.

In 2009, Andrew accused a female neighbor of molesting him. When police investigated the report, the neighbor said Andrews had been banging on her door and calling her names.

On Thursday, Andrews appeared in court but did not enter a plea. His attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu said he is considering proceeding with a mental health approach to Andrew’s case.

Andrews remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $1 million.


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whatever. He admitted to killing my aunt.

I guesstimate that this is about the tenth such incident in the county in the last two years, and like the

other cases medication non-compliance was a major factor. Substance abuse was not mentioned with this one, but has been another major factor in many of the others. Ted can wait for his imaginary friend in the sky to come rescue demon infested folks, but I know that better case management (med monitoring) will go a longer way toward decreasing these incidents then anything written in Ted’s 2000 year old plus,

Mesopotamian myth book.

Feeding the troll tonite are we?

And again, we can blame the family of this evil as they now try, again, to protect him. When are parents and family members going to take responsibility for the actions of those with mental health issues, possessing guns, swords, axes, etc. Instead of the family protecting this creature from society now society will have to pay for the actions of this whole family. They knew he was not allowed to have guns, ammo, and other weapons for 6 years as a 5150 mental health patient, but no, they chose to protect and allow junior is toys. They are all equally guilty of this murder of an innocent victim and the pain her family will have to endure plus the cost to the taxpayers for the rest of this evil person’s life. Shame on this “close net” family who only thought of themselves.

I’m not happy about this one bid but how does the family of Mr. Andrews come into play? Mr. Andrews is 49 years old and living on his own. This is the problem I have mentioned before. We (society) can not easily put people into institutions like we did in the old days and like I’ve mentioned before that you can’t arrest people on a hunch, until a crime has been committed, there in lies the problem.

We have a serious problem here with mental issues lately but I don’t totally blame the families. I think a lot would like to do more but they are limited by the laws.

No, but they knew his history, they knew he was a 5150, they knew he had shizo, they knew he couldn’t possess, they knew he had been committed, they knew he had 5 years before he could apply for a gun permit, they knew he had guns, ammo, swords, axes, etc. as his father who died last August was a gunsmith and my bet is these guns were not registered. And since they state they are a close net family, they chose to not report his possession of guns to the police nor did they take the guns away from. No, the family is just as guilty!

This is a terrible story and outcome from a person obviously possessed by a demon spirit. Things like this will be with us until the end because we cannot make sure everyone is taking their meds or are under the right care.

If only Jesus would have returned sooner than 2000 years, and counting, He could have been summoned to extract Mark William’s demon spirit like he did with the man in the synagogue described below.

“In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an impure spirit. He cried out at the top of his voice, “Go away! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”

“Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly. “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him.

 All the people were amazed and said to each other, “What words these are! With authority and power he gives orders to impure spirits and they come out!” And the news about him spread throughout the surrounding area.” (Luke 4:33-37)

Jesus, can you hurry up your Second Coming, okay?

Really Ted? Demons? Hmm I think the medical term is schizophrenia. We have seen this happen alot with schizophrenia. It is a brain anomaly. I think that would have more to do with the creation of the individual in question and who created him.


Listen, are you arguing with biblical facts where Jesus was involved in throwing out demons from a man that was possessed? Remember, if it happened in the bible, then it is true!

We’re all created pure, but Satan enters our soul to test our God at times and Satanic Science likes to call it by certain names, like schizopherenia and the like. No, to us Christians, Mark Williams was demon possessed just like the bible explains.


You are forgetting the main premise behind the bible, and that is the factoid that whatever is said within it’s content, is true. Get it?

“Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection.” (Proverbs 30:5)

Therefore, when I gave you the passage where Jesus cast out demons from a man, then He did just that, the bible says He cast them out! Therefore, this precludes that we can be equally possessed by demons as well, like Mark Williams.

True Christians should have absolutely nothing to do with Satanic Science that you proposed in your link upon this topic, but should only rely upon the Scriptures.

Do the simple math, what Christian is going to usurp Jesus’ story of casting out demons in Luke 4:33-37? If they did, it would nullify the bible as being false. Can you spell “c-a-n o-f w-o-r-m-s?”

Jesus and I rest our case.

What a horrible chain of events, I feel very sad for the community and the family of the deceased

How did the accused, with a long history of mental illness, acquire firearms (and everyone knew this)? If the deceased (father) leaves you guns in his will, is there no background check to see if maybe you’re mentally unfit? Would government be too intrusive if this occurred, would it even be possible? This sad occurrence appears to echo the debates in national news after Sandy Hook and the US Senates’ innability to address background checks. It would not be surprising if this story went viral. Maybe we should accept that answering the front door unarmed isn’t safe. Best not to even answer. I like to sneak around back, get a line-of-sight and say, “yain’t from ’round here”…trouble receiving deliveries lately.

Because his father was a gunsmith and the family didn’t want to take this evil persons toys his dad had from him. They should be on trial for this crime as well. Hope you can live with yourself.

So SLOBIRD….if he didn’t have a GUN he wouldn’t have had this episode and attacked this woman? I see the pain and anger in your note and I’m hearing you ok? I just don’t see how taking a gun from a mentally disturbed person prevents them from attacking when the evil voices tell them to attack.

My heart breaks for the family….

Without the guns he still may have attacked this women, but maybe, just maybe, she could have kicked him, hit him, ran, had a chance to slam the door shut, throw an object, etc. had some chance to get away. But no, she opened the door, saw the gun, and was gone because his family chose to not report that this 5150 shizo had GUNS (not one) and ammo. They had a choice, she didn’t!

SLOBIRD…..unfortunately statistics don’t tend to agree with the “might have may have escaped” theory when a mentally unstable person intends to murder someone. If the authorities had known he had a gun they would have made a note of it for THEIR protection when they went to his house but, I’d doubt they would have taken it from him because he didn’t pose a documented threat as far as I can see.

He was not allowed to have a permit for guns because he had ben committed on a 5150. His family knew he should not have been in possession of those guns. If the police (who had been called on other events involving this crazy person, (he had threatened other people) knew he had guns they could have taken the guns and other weapons away from him for illegal possession which is something the family should have done a long time ago.

I am just upset because American citizens are having to change our rights because other people have not taken responsibility for their’s. If you look at what happen to Gifford, AZ, Aurora, CO, Sandy Hook, CT, the 4 or 5 incidents in this County during the past couple of years, all these because these young men got off their med’s, had or got guns and now we are expected to give up our guns because of the ill-responsible behavior of other people.

More than ever, we need to keep our guns which I have registered, taken proper classes and use responsibly. Why should I be punished for these nut bags.

so once again some one goes off their “meds”. how do we keep someone on them?

before RR gutted social safety nets and put bankers in charge of policy WE HAD PROGRAMS.

now we have a huge military instead.

ok, so that was yesterday, what do we do today & tomorrow? besides the guns vs butter issue do we not need to know our neighbors?

Again, the liberal misrepresentation of history. Deinstitutionalization started under JFK, and here in California under Pat Brown. Have some education, scarecrow:

Much of the impetus for putting the mentally ill on the streets was in response to litigation from the ACLU which argued that we couldn’t lock up people who weren’t violent. We have about as many state hospital beds in the U.S. now as we did circa 1850. I have to deal with the homeless and mentally ill on a regular basis and what we’re doing now doesn’t work. If you can get past your rigid, hidebound and monochromatic left-wing ideology you might actually be able to contribute to the discussion. Confidence is low.

I liked RR named my kitty Nancy, lived in Seattle the day he took office folks took up residence in the shrubbery of my house, my friend in Pueblo Co s job involved visiting a number of assisted living group homes half way houses every week, she was let go and her clients hit the streets as funding for these community programs shifted to military expense (paying interest on debt instead of taking care of each other )

we have sown the wind


. If you can get past your rigid, hidebound and monochromatic left-wing ideology you might actually be able to contribute to the discussion

if left wing means anti fascism to you, then you are correct and I won’t be loosening up my views about the consequences of our trust in RR as we reap the whirlwind

OK, wait a minute. You liked Reagan, even named your cat Nancy, but then he was elected and, according to you that very day people began living in the shrubbery of your house. On election day, apparently, based on your words above. Not making too much sense there; did the Shrubbery People have a prescient flash about Reagan’s evil intentions, and preemptively take up residence in said shrubbery even before the 1981 inauguration? The whole “Reagan emptied the mental hospitals” meme is bogus. Pat Brown signed the legislation to deinstitutionalize, it just took effect after Reagan became Governor. The defense buildup of the 1980s is not the reason we had an increase in mentally ill people on the streets, it was due to the national and state legislation of the 1960s and 1970s.

Correction. You state “…the day he took office…” so I misread that part. Still, on Inauguration Day, before he’d even had time to propose, let alone sign, any legislation or executive orders the Shrubbery People already knew that they had to go run and hide from the crazed misanthropic militarist? It still stretches credulity, to say the least. I don’t hold lefties completely to blame for our nation’s ills (plenty of blame to go round) but the linkage between rebuilding our nation’s military and thousands of mentally ill people hitting the streets is simply false. The process started earlier, under Democrat leaders. That is historical fact. I have tried to get help for a person who was caked in his own feces, and because he could give his name, day of the week and decline treatment he couldn’t be placed under care. The problem is far more complex than shopworn diatribes against a now-dead President who’s been out of office for 25 years. That’s what I meant by “rigid, hidebound…leftist ideology.” It contributes nothing to the here and now, it merely deflects attention from the problems at hand.

wikipedia got zip electronic anthropology shines a little light on the complexities of the times.