Brennler files anti-SLAPP motion against Torres

May 10, 2013
Mike Brennler

Mike Brennler


Mike Brennler’s attorney filed a motion to strike down a lawsuit filed against him by a Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) coordinator, citing laws enacted to stop people with deep pockets from attempting to silence their critics.

In March, Dee Torres, homeless services coordinator for CAPSLO, filed a slander lawsuit against private investigator Mike Brennler alleging that he slandered Torres in a telephone conversation with one of her former husbands. Brennler has been investigating Torres and others who provide services to the homeless in San Luis Obispo County in the aftermath of numerous claims of embezzlement.

Anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) legislation was enacted 20 years ago to help small defendants avoid harassment by better-funded plaintiffs. The motion is used to strike a complaint and can also lead to the plaintiff collecting attorney costs.

In this case, Brennler’s attorney Stew Jenkins cites the Sarbane-Oxley Act’s rules against threatening retaliation against witnesses providing information to law enforcement relating to the possible commission of a federal offence.

Brennler explains in the motion that he became aware of allegations of fraud against the homeless after reading a CalCoastNews exclusive about Cliff Anderson, a man who says his Social Security Disability income was mismanaged by his CAPSLO case manager and Family Ties’ payee.

After looking into the issues, Brennler volunteered to identify individuals who might have information about the management of homeless services for CalCoastNews reporters to interview. Brennler also volunteered to provide investigative services for a contemplated civil suit by Cliff Anderson and contacted law enforcement.

“Brennler contacted several federal and state law enforcement agencies requesting that they look into the matter,” the motion says. “Brennler commenced interviewing individuals, and seeking other information to provide contacts and witnesses who might have information relevant to the use of public funds and charitable donations to law enforcement to determine if those funds are being used in a lawful manner.”

Torres’ three-page suit claims that Brennler told Charles Barber that, “Torres has been stealing money from homeless clients at the homeless shelter and that Torres has stolen money from a homeless man named Cliff Anderson.”

In his response, Brennler denies telling Barber that Torres had stolen from Anderson and says that none of the statements he made during the two and a half minute phone call were false.


What ever happened to volunteers. It use to be people offered help to the down and out because they wanted to help. They did, and gave what they could with no strings attached. No huge salaries, no taxpayers money involved. Now it just seems like big business with most of the money going to administration.

My kids school provided one meal a month to the Prada center, the kids cooked and served the meal. I thought this was a great opportunity for the students to see first hand that they could help people in need. Maybe other schools in the County could volunteer. We have generous citizens, Church organizations. Accountants, and Attorneys donating their time. Volunteers to organize and run these shelters. Get rid of these greedy people who are just there for the outrageous salaries they get with no regard for the people they are suppose to be helping. This is one situation where I believe that money is the root of all evil…


I could completely screw up at my job, subsequent jobs, and get SSI for not being “able to hold a job”. That is a fact, a $700/mo fact plus FULL BENEFITS, and the right to be crazy, and never get fired. It’s called “crazy pay” and lot’s of people collect it. The only “crazy” people are those the ones not signed up and collecting. CAPSLO and Dan DuVaul are not oblivious to this – I”ll stop here lest I get into more trouble.


Try finding housing on $865.00 a month, not to mention utilities, CABLE, the internet and a phone. And full benefits? What benefits? Medi-Cal and Cen Cal? You better hope you don’t wear glasses or have a cavity cause dental and vision are NOT covered. In fact very few doctors take Medi-Cal.


Good Luck Mike!

Mr. Holly

TRUTH FAIRY-I have been following the the HSOC program to reduce homelessness in 10 years. Could you please identify the “Housing First Program” that you mentioned is functioning in the North County?

I have not heard about them.


I haven’t heard of any successful CAPSLO assisted housing programs in A-Town either. The only homeless or about to become homeless people I know of who have managed to obtain and afford housing are people who did it for themselves through applying for section 8 programs. In some cases, those who were about to become homeless asked their landlords to actually become section 8 landlords and the landlords agreed to it.


The landlords should be happy to get a Section 8 voucher!!! It means they will get their rent every month and if there is a problem, the renter would rather leave with a mutual agreement, and retain their Section 8 and the landlord won’t have to evict. Landlords that are familiar with Section 8 take advantage.


The program I am referring to in Atascadero and in South County is relatively new. For about three years they have been housing chronically homeless individuals from this community. Instead of having them stay at the shelter, most have gone directly from the streets or creeks. One example was published a while back about a collaboration with the rangers and CAPSLO. The rangers, who are basically environmentalists don’t want anyone polluting the creeks, so together with CAPSLO’s Homeless Services, they helped get a chronically homeless man out of the creek and into housing. The man could not walk so they sent in a recue team, took him from the creek and then the case management team took over. A Case Manager came daily to provide the services, and when other services were needed they brought them in or transported the man. This is a work in progress. It is not a perfect program, yet, but they did a great job with this man. There are others. But there is a cost factor, rent is not cheap in SLO county. So they are finding ways to fund the program. The homeless person must have an income because CAPSLO doesn’t own any homes or apartments, they help subsidize the rent. So that is the only cost to the client, a small portion of his rent and he pays for his own needs.

In the future, I would like to see CAPSLO build/buy small complexes through out the county, with studios or one bedrooms for the chronically homeless, as well as the homeless. But who am I? No one. Maybe all you can help the homeless by asking for funding for actual building. Most people don’t want building, but when it comes to a few scattered complexes through out the county, it shouldn’t be that overwhelming to those who oppose growth. And it will house those that cannot be housed without subsidized housing get off the streets. Humane, practical and environmentally sound.


I checked the Tribune to see if they ran this story. I was curious to see how they “spun it” if they did run it. As it turns out, they didn’t print it. Funny how they were so quick to print Dee’s side in this and then they ignore Mike’s anti-slapp suit which validates Mike’s actions.

Mr. Holly

If CAPSLO was even close to being a successful program then why do we have the homeless situation that currently exists? Does it need more than $60 million?


OMG Here we go again. HOMELESS SERVICES is only one of many programs within CAPSLO. They don’t get 60,000,000. THEY GET TWO. and of that two, there are three Programs, Case Management, Maxine Lewis Shelter, and Prado Day Center. Case Management, is in South COunty and in SLO and has a new program for housing in Atascadero, as well as a housing program in South COunty. They have the Safe Parking Program and they have the AB109, the newest member. Now of all those Programs within programs, two million is actually spread pretty thin. Saying Homeless Services has a $60million dollar budget, is like saying the USA has a trillion dollars annual budget. SLO city has a trillion dollar budget. CAPSLO is HEADSTART, pre school, it is Senior Health Care, it is Energy, with PG&E and it is Family Health Care, and various other Programs all under the heading CAPSLO.

Just so you know, not all Homeless People want the services they offer. Some just want a bed at the shelter, others, a shower at Prado, and some don’t want anything. They chose to live under a bridge and hit up soft hearted folks downtown for money. If it wasn’t profitable, they wouldn’t do it. And believe me, with the amount of free food in this county, they don’t have to come to CAPSLO. DSS gives out $200.00 a month of Food Stamps per person, IF they don’t already get close to one thousand dollars a month in SSI benefits. CASPLO offers a way off the streets, into housing. If they want to get off the streets, they come to CAPSLO.


The Hud funds pay for the case management which leads me to the question, why was CAPSLO in charge of the N County case management. Seems to me that Hud should break out the funds between ECHO and CAPSLO. Why is it that CAPSLO has managed to control just about all the available funds surrounding the homeless programs?


CAPSLO had two offices in the north county. They extended their services to ECHO. When they closed their doors, there were a lot of homeless people as well as ‘partner agencies’ there were very disappointed to see them go.

Now, they have started a new type of Housing First Program. They are housing the Chronically Homeless in the North County and South County. This is part of the ten year program, where the focus is on housing. I suppose anyone could apply to HUD for the same grants, but as of now, CAPSLO is the only agency who I know of who is trying to go for housing first.

I would love to see more money go into building low income, one bedroom and studio apartments, but building in SLO Co is not easy. There are many formally homeless people who are very happy they went through CAPSLO to get into housing. Too bad they don’t write stories on them so people can learn about all the positive things CAPSLO has accomplished.


I meant that the new program focuses on Housing First, I left out the word First, in the above statement regarding the newer North County, South County Programs.


The Trib’s written lots of positive stories. CAPSLO is the “only agency” because it is the only “approved” agency. Good luck in competing against them, with their political connections, for government grants to provide services.

From Disneyland

Dear Mr/Ms. Fairy: You are correct in that CAPSLO monies encumbers all those other departments other than just HOMELESS SERVICES. However, let’s get the facts correct about the Food Stamp program that is under Department of Social Services (which has nothing at all to do with CAPSLO). Not everyone is eligible for food stamps, homeless or not. Most single people (homeless or not, including Cal Poly and Cuesta students) do not receive $200 worth of food stamps, as per your statement. Food stamps requires you to have a permanent address, and not a P.O.Box number) in order to be eligible for any amount of food stamps. Another requirement is that applicant cannot have had a drug (felony) conviction, however murders, rapist, etc. do qualify for food stamps – this is all verified). Now as far as social security benefits, again not everyone will receive near $1000.00 dollars per your stated comment. There is regular social security which is determined off your lifetime earnings, child(ren) receiving benefits from a dead father or mother, etc.). Now to qualify for an additional amount of Social Security Income because of verified illness, disability, mental capacity is also based on many other factors. So to say that any single (homeless or not) person gets at least $200 in food stamps and up to $1000.00 dollars in SSI benefits is not a correct statement. Every case, individual, family is a case by case situation. Homeless or otherwise, you must prove (via doctor’s verified statements and medical records) that you indeed qualify for benefits is based on these and other documentation. It can take up to three years for an SS/SSI applicant to even start to receive any type of monetary benefits. Meanwhile what is a disabled, sick, mentally challenged homeless or not person to do? For the most part most homeless persons when they finally receive their benefits do find homes, or move to other locations. Thank you for your positive feedback.


Good points, it isn’t easy but according to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty ( regarding eligibility for food stamps:

“You do not need to prove your residency if you are homeless. You should tell your caseworker that you are homeless. If you live in a shelter, it may be helpful to bring a letter from the shelter which shows that you live there. You should not be denied food stamps simply because you do not have a permanent address.”

“If you are not working and are between the ages of 18 and 50, have no children, and are not disabled, you will only be able to get food stamps for three months every three years. You will not be subject to the three month limit if you are working at least 20 hours a week or are taking part in a food stamp employment and training program.”

So there are options for those willing and able to work or enroll in a training program.

They also say that “Homeless people can also use (food stamps) at certain restaurants. Homeless people that want to use their food stamps at restaurants should tell their caseworker. They will be given a special ID card.”


Hi Disney. Yes, I was pretty general in regards to Food Stamps. But, anyone with a low income can get FS unless they have a drug convictions. If they have a drug convictions, they can still prove they went to counseling or dealt with their drug problem, and they will be awarded FS. Now, GA, is a different story. I think you were referring to the GA program when you made your three months off and three months on again statement. FS don’t work that way. Abled body GA does. However, they can still get food stamps when they have able body GA and the Food stamps are a continuous program.

I wasn’t talking about students. My point was that there are other places to get food besides Prado and the shelter.

I am familiar with the SSI, SSDI and Retirement. Most add up to nine hundred fifty dollars if they are disabled. and homeless. If they are retired, or get a survivors benefits, it varies. I am just saying not all homeless are broke and starving and depending only on Prado for food. Do you really think that when some one comes in to use the services at Prado, they shouldn’t be required to clean up after themselves or treat other clients with respect?


Ok, Truth Fairy, so why does CAPSLO’s Family Ties program keep so much money from homeless Social Security applicants and recipients and not return it to them in full as promised?

Then they buy them burial plots and allow them to stay indefinitely at the Maxine Lewis Night Shelter for 600 a month?

An SSI applicant receives maybe 130 a month in General Assistance. I can see giving 50 of my 130 each month for a few months while waiting for my 900 in SSI, but after getting approved I expect results from CAPSLO to get me housing or I’d want my money back so I can get my own place.

The protocol is to get people on SSI and then away they are supposed to go. BUT NO! CAPSLO owes a lot of money back to Cliff Anderson and one heck of an apology for letting his Social Security get stopped.

Others like him need to be reached. Every Case Managed CAPSLO client who is involved in the Family Ties program thinking the agency’s going to help them get a place needs to file for getting their money back and moving on after they’ve had their fill at the Maxine. Unless they want to stay.

Think about it: the larger, newly proposed 200 bed shelter can make 200 X $600 = 12,000 monthly! Whew, that’s quite a money maker for a non-profit.


That would actually be $120,000 per month.


I will answer that tomorrow. I have to go.So sorry, seriously.


Still waiting for your answer Truth Fairy??


See below, I believe I answered in two places….



First, let’s start with the terminology, ‘giving their money’….CAPSLO does not charge. Clients are SAVING their money.

Second: Family Ties is a service. CAPSLO uses it and Social Security recipients use it. The SSI recipient hires Family Ties as their payee, just like they do Peggy Fowler, (whom you might have read about in one of these articles), and two other payee agencies. If during the application process the SSA learns that the applicant has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, or other inabilities to handle their own funds they are required to obtain a payee. The payee can be a family member, a friend, or an agency. Many times it doesn’t work out with family members, or friends. Alcoholics and drug addicts want to be free to spend their money on whatever they want. That is NOT their right. SSI is need based. Operative word, NEED. The Payee has to show where the money went, which means that they have to spend it appropriately. It is tax payers’ money, it isn’t earned. As for Cliff, Family Ties does not owe him any money. This is a good example of where well meaning people can create problems for those they are trying to help if they do not fully understand what they are doing. When the attorney demanded that Family Ties cease acting in Cliff’s behalf, he failed to set up an alternative payee ahead of time, or get a doctor that would say Cliff is competent enough to act in his behalf. Either way, when he asked Lisa to cease acting as his payee, she would have been required by the SSA to give the remaining balance to the SSA, not to Cliff. I am sure she has closed the case, as requested by Cliff and his attorney, and returned the balance to the SSA, as required by the SSA. Therefore, Cliff is waiting on The Social Security Administration to return the money.

In regarding to that exorbitant amount you quoted, saving with Case Management is a guideline. Clients save what they can afford. It doesn’t mean each client is saving seventy percent. They save money towards housing, they fix their credit, and they pay their fines. By paying off their tickets and fines when have a Priority bed at the shelter, they will have more money to work with when they have to pay their rent. So you see, if a client has to pay off a DUI for $1500.00 they can pay it off while on CM and then when they get an apartment, all their income will go to rent, utilities and food. This is called budgeting. That is what clients are required to do. It isn’t about CAPSLO taking their money. It is about preparing clients to be self sufficient when they leave.

And as for clients finding their own place, that is great. CAPSLO doesn’t say, “We got them a place to live”. CAPSLO focuses on empowerment. I don’t see your point when you said they went out and found their own place. And? Apparently, they had the ability to find a place. Maybe they needed a bed to rest the night before apartment hunting, or maybe they needed an address to put on the application or a phone number to get the call back from the landlord or a place to wash their clothes. Maybe CAPSLO helped them find the deposit. Being a success story means that a homeless person is either housed, or one step closer to being housed. It could mean that they got help with benefits, or medical care or they just got an ID. A success story is just that, the client came into services, and left with more than they had. That makes them a success and all the talk about CAPSLO can’t take away the wonderful successes that have come as a result of CAPSLO/Client collaborations.


Having a PAYEE, like Cliff did is not the same program as saving with Case Management. When they are with Case Management, they get their money back in 24 working hours. When someone has a Payee, The Social Security makes the rules. Payees are not allowed to just hand the money to their client. They have to give it back to Social Security. And we all know how slow the Social Security Administration can move.


No Payees are not allowed to let more than 2k accumulate, it’s not a savings program. The money is to be spent on the clients needs, like shoes.

When he leaves management he was supposed to get the less than 2k from Lisa. The over savings that went back to SS is because she violated the rules and must return the improperly saved funds.

Cliff is being punished for asking questions.



Actually money was given to the client to buy shoes…said client decided to spend (drink) the shoe money away. When arrangements were made to take the client directly to the store to buy the shoes to ensure that this time shoes were actually purchased……..guess who didn’t show up…not the case manager waiting to drive the client to the store……….

There is a fine line between fact and fantasy and plain falsehoods.

This story is played out……CAPSLO’s response is on their website. Read it and then move on. Nothing is going to come of this…because this is all based on personal grudges and partial fantasy.


LocalBB,sounds like you have an inside scoop, but I think you also know that there are plenty of good people working for CAPSLO, and there are many that should not be there! If indeed it were personal grudges why would so many have the same grudge? The response from CAPSLO is nothing but a 16? Page denial that has no merit, it states they talked to former employees yet not one has come forward to say they were questioned. I’m glad you support your organization but regardless of what CAPSLO prints, this isn’t going away. i just hope your far back when the sh*t hits the fan. There is no way so many people could all make up the same lies and have former and current homeless confirm what is being said.


Oh hey, TruthFairy?

Sure there’s food available all over but for those who are transportation challenged and housing challenged to gather and cook raw foods, the People’s Kitchen is the prime source for getting fed one hearty meal every day.

CAPSLO has such a manipulative stronghold housing People’s Kitchen along with the Prado Day Center that it can deny people from eating a hearty lunch. People’s Kitchen is NOT run by CAPSLO and therefore should in no way be able to keep people from enjoying their God-given right to eat and receive hearty home cooked meals that these caring church people wish to serve to each and every one.

People’s Kitchen needs to relocate.

From Disneyland

freshair: To be honest, I believe that the Board of the People’s Kitchen is really not informed as to homeless being permanently or temporary barred from entering the premises of Prado Day Center. They are lovely church people (all dominations) who are kind and are not involved with the antics of Dee Torres or Shawn Ison’s RULES!!!

From Disneyland

freshair: The CAPSLO’S manipulative stronghold on the homeless people via the People’s Kitchen is a travesty!!! Our beautiful community including all those volunteers should be in an uproar over this horrendous treatment of hungry people (homeless). I have included a link from the People’s Kitchen own website which states:

To provide A Hot Meal Everyday To Whoever Wants it And Offer it With Justice and Love

This is not what is really happening at PRADO. Prado lacks Justice and forget the Love!!! Please find a new place to locate your wonderful runned organization. How about buying a traveling wagon like the one used by the Burrito Wagon on Thursday nights in SLO Farmer’s Market. This way your organization can really provide the justice and the love without any interference from Dee Torrres or Shawn Ison. I am sure your board can come up with some solutions as to where and how lunches would be served. Suggestions: perhaps on good weather at one of the parks(such as Laguna Lake), and on rainy days perhaps like at the Veteran’s Hall, outside the covered bar-b-que place. Any other suggestions posters: Please lets help out with solutions not be part of the negative problem(s). Thank you all.

From Disneyland

freshair: ooops, here is the website to People’ Kitchen:

Thank you.


It would be nice if People’s Kitchen had a place to go, and that way it would separate the two. I don’t think that CAPSLO, or Prado is forcing People’s Kitchen to stay. I think there is no other location offering a location free of charge. I could be wrong on this. But it is my guess. CAPSLO offers a sight and those that want to provide their services can use it.


Although after second thought, would it really be fair to all the folks at Prado Day Center who follow the rules and go there for services and a safe place to go in the day, to have to buy a bus ticket or trek across town to get a meal?


Seems to me the big winner in all this is Attorney Stew Jenkins. He’s already used the homeless to make $132,000 in taxpayers money. Looks like he’s going for more.


I’d like to see everyone have a decent place to sleep and eat meals and get back on track toward blending back into society. CAPSLO is the best chance for making that happen, but this whole series of flimsy attacks is a stopping that.

I have a feeling many people like Bill Thoma just love this whole attack on Adam Hill because it stops the shelter from being built.

The Tribune has it right…just build the new shelter where it was planned to go. End of story.


Stand back on Bill Thoma.

Thoma had every right to question the choice of site for the proposed additional Dee Torres feifdom (homeless shelter). He did it in a very professional way, as well.

Adam Hill made himself, once again, look like a blathering nincompoop when he went off on Thoma.


Well said, Mary.

Mr. Thoma and his family are very well respected in SLO, unlike Adam Hill–recent winner of New Times’ “Most Annoying Politician” award. Mr. Thoma is generous, humble, honorable and admired.

You can rightly criticize many, GalaxyTraveler, but when you start slinging mud at a genuine “good guy” like Bill Thoma….well, you’ve crossed the line and your credibility is now zero.


Mudslinging??? What’s been said here about Adam Hill and Dee Torres is ten tmes worse than that! Here’s what I said:

“I have a feeling many people like Bill Thoma just love this whole attack on Adam Hill because it stops the shelter from being built.”

That’s just an observation that is true. Bill Thoma doesn’t want the shelter built there. But it’s not really up to him, is it?

Kevin Rice

>> “Bill Thoma doesn’t want the shelter built there. But it’s not really up to him, is it?”

Our system provides a great deal of deference to affected parties. So Thoma really is quite involved in the ultimate decision just as Huasna residents swayed the Exceleron outcome.

Thoma was a supporter of Spatafore who strongly supports CAPSLO. Your so-called “feeling” seems more speculative and off-base then correct. Have you talked to Thoma? Perhaps you should?


Thoma simply voiced his educated opinion about the proposed site for the second homeless shelter. Everyone has the right to express their opinion about a proposed government project. And Thoma’s opinion expression was well done, very professional, and actually polite.

Contrast that to the the SLOCo Board of Supervisor’s resident nincompoop, Adam Hill. He is an embarrassment to himself, his family, anyone who knows him, and the great SLO County and surrounding areas.

For heaven sakes, he sent a threatening email about our Atty. General, Kamala Harris.


Why is it Mary, that you call names almost every chance you get, you make sexual remarks that would get you fired, if you actually had a place of employment and spoke like you do here, and you try to sugar coat it with judgmental Christianity that would make Jesus ashamed, but when Adam speaks honestly and directly, you go running to the comfort of your little pond where you think your a big fish and criticize Adam for doing less than you do in a single post, when Adam is one of the few who truly wants to help the homeless. It is really sad how thoughtless you can be.


all she said : blathering nincompoop .


MaryMalone says:

05/11/2013 at 11:44 am

I suppose having a title with the phrase “waving her legs in the air” is out of the question?



strawoman, that’s not what she said in the comment you are replying to. or anywhere on this page.


It was a collective comment.


If you are going to call yourself the TruthFairy, you should probably sign your posts with your real name.



1. “Why is it Mary, that you call names almost every chance you get….”

I call a spade a spade. If you don’t like my opinions, you have at least a couple of alternatives…you can use the power you have by being an adult and simply refrain from reading them, or you can try to convince Hill and Torres to change their behaviors. Good luck with the latter.

2. …”you make sexual remarks that would get you fired, if you actually had a place of employment and spoke like you do here…”

a. I am not speaking. I am expressing my opinion by written word.

b. You present a false and unsupported comparison. My posting on this message board has nothing to do with employment, including what would happen if I “spoke like you do here,” and whether or not I would “get fired for it.” Your comment is like saying to someone wearing a bathing suit, “your clothing attire would get you fired if you wore that to work.”

3. “…and you try to sugar coat it with judgmental Christianity that would make Jesus ashamed…

a. I think you are confused. Ted Slanders is the one who shares his take on Christianity related to the topic subject.

b. I do not bring religion into my posting opinions about topics that are not religion based, or unless a public figure is behaving in a hypocritical manner by trying to get brownie points for being a Christian and then behaving in a manner that is the opposite of the teachings of Christianity’s Jesus Christ.

c. If I was going to express a religious opinion about an issue, it would be from a Buddhist point of view.

4. …”you go running to the comfort of your little pond where you think your a big fish and criticize Adam for doing less than you do in a single post…”

a. Completely ridiculous personal attack. Here’s a clue…when someone starts off an opinion with “you” and the opinion personally references another poster and what they may or may not do or feel, and which you have no way of knowing if they do or not…there is a good chance it is a personal attack.

b. What I think, outside of my opinions on the topic here, are not the topic of this posting topic.

c. …When have I ever opined <…Hill does less than I do in a single post…“?

d. …”when Adam is one of the few who truly wants to help the homeless” ? That is a truly ridiculous statement. CAPSLO and homeless services in SLO would not be in the tragic state it is now if Adam Hill cared one micron about SLO’s homeless people. In my opinion, the the behavior of Adam Hill clearly broadcasts his primary concern is most consistent with what benefits himself and Torres.


Let me start by saying, this. Yes, it is obvious you took the debate/philosophy class that I must have missed. If I was submitting my argument to the debate team, I would surely lose, but thanks for the lessons. I feel I should reciprocate: The things you say about Adam Hill make me think you have some kind of personal relationship with him. The things you say about Dee sound like they are based on jealousy. Reading a post by you reminds me of an scorned eight grader getting even with an ex on Facebook

Usually I wouldn’t comment on name-calling, but when you criticize Adam for name calling and then do the same, I have to speak up..


TruthFairy enough already.

You protest way too much.

We get it already.

Some of us disagree.

Get over it.


And some of us don’t. Get over it.


In reply to Galaxy Traveler “just build the new shelter”, the new shelter is dead until the allegations are investigated and proven true/false.

CAPSLO board members who are honest and concerned about the homeless should be resigning, otherwise, you will be held partly responsible for the cover-up of alleged misdeeds by CAPSLO.


You make my point perfectly. “The new shelter is dead” because of this so-called “investigation”. That’s what Bill Thoma is hoping for, I’m sure.


The new shelter is dead because the horrendous behavior by those running the shelter triggered investigations, by multiple law-enforcement agencies, including Adult Protective Services.

You have no idea what Thoma is hoping for. Why even say such a thing?


QUOTING CITIZEN: “…ou go running to the comfort of your little pond where you think your a big fish and criticize Adam for doing less than you do in a single post…”

Flashback to the older version of “The Wizard of Oz” movie.


Note the huge likes over dislikes on all but maybe one or two comments, which elicited the reverse ratio. Looks like the left and the right agree that there is something wrong.


I wonder how the local courts will handle this?


I seriously hope our tax dollars aren’t paying for Torres’ legal fees! Ms. Torres, do yourself a favor and walk now because once this goes to court you don’t stand a chance! You know what you have done in the past as do many others. People aren’t lying and now we have an answer on who hired Brennler, NO ONE! He volunteered his services because it was the right thing to do! You’re turn CAPSLO, do the right thing and clean house in homeless services administration!! Start rebuilding your trust with this community while you still can!


I assure you that your tax dollars are indeed paying for Dee Torres’s legal fees :)


This will be purely political, start to finish, and the judges must not be outcasts within social circles. Who do you drink your martini’s with?


I really hope that won’t happen, although it does all to often! My fear is because we are dealing with a very under represented population it might not get the attention it deserves!


This is not about the under-represented population, this is about profiting off the under-represented population. And there’s a lot of money out there.


Let’s all hope it isn’t the same kind of judicial hand-job they gave John Ryan Mason.


“Hope”, are you kidding? You need to wake up and smell the coffee. The DA;s office is thoroughly politicized and the judiciary is as well. Adam Hill is making phone calls, Biz as well.


Are you disrespecting one of AMERICA’S first responder heroes? How dare you.


That was a joke, right?