KCLU to battle KCBX for market share

May 20, 2013

radioNational Public Radio station KCLU announced it is expanding its reach to include northern Santa Barbara County and southern San Luis Obispo County beginning in mid-June.

Both KCBX and KCLU are nonprofit public radio stations that carry programming from National Public Radio and other similar radio syndicates. Both operate through federal funding and donations from listeners.

KCBX, which broadcasts from Salinas to Santa Barbara, recently canceled its live broadcast of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor meetings and then replaced its classic music schedule with news and information.

KCLU plans to vary its programming for its listeners in Ventura County on 88.3 FM, southern Santa Barbara County on 102.3 FM and 1340 AM and Santa Maria through the Five Cities area on 89.7 FM, according to a press release.


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Big Deal so one government radio station is bumping into another government radio station. Overlapping propaganda that no one listens to anyway.

What a grumpy troll you are! Neither is a government radio station. KCBX is supported with donations from people not like you, and KCLU is an arm of a religious university.

Please… You’re correct on only one point….I’m grumpy.

but not so grumpy as to refer to someone as a troll…

small things considered

NPR + $$ = NUR, National Unpublic Radio. Soon we will respell the FCC.

Get real, please!

Do you even have any idea how much (how little) of YOUR tax money pays for ALL of the NPR broadcasting nationwide? Even if you are in the highest tax bracket making over $100,000 a year it would come to about three cents a year!

If I knew who you were I would be happy to personally hand you 30 cents so you wouldn’t have anything to whine about for the next decade. Or would you rather us have a community-wide fund-raiser to round up the money to reimburse you and make your life three cents a year easier?

That’s the kind of thinking that got us into our current debt riddled mess. The point should be why is government wasting any money on radio when there now thousands of stations to choose from. Our government needs to be frugal with every penny of our money.

That’s always their position, “it only a few cents” here and a few cents there, the next thing we know there are thousands of programs using “only few cents” and our government is asking for more money or passing a new “fee” here and a new fee there.

Ten thousand programs at 3 cents per year comes to $300.

Waging TRILLION DOLLAR WARS and spending BILLIONS on frivolous military expenses and giving tax cuts at the same time is about a MILLION times worse of a problem.

You and others have gotten suckered into waging your personal wars against trivialities while letting the HUGE RIPOFFS continue. You’re trying to save 3 cents while letting thousands of dollars go down the drain. Maybe you should get your priorities straight and … GET REAL!

If you think all the 100 thousand or so government programs only use 3 cents each, it is that thinking that helped get us where we are. Some programs use 100 times or more, and new ones are started all the time. Why do you think so many want to come to CA, it not for the jobs.

This article doesn’t have to do with any programs that cost citizens more than 3 cents a year. For most Americans it doesn’t even cost them 1 cent a year! Get real!

I’m glad you were able to figure out that since I don’t want my wallet picked I don’t care. Didn’t know the two went hand in hand

Funny take a look at my tax return, property tax bill, and it certainly is more than a few cents in taxes, perhaps yours look a lot different

Baloney. You are ignorant. The thinking that got us into “our current debt riddled mess” was the magical thinking that we can wage two wars and cut taxes for the rich and corporations at the same time. Hey, if you want a war or two, you’ve got to figure out how to pay for them. The “mess” was thoroughly planned by rightwingers in Texas and DC.

Don’t you also mean give everyone health care, legal or not and somehow magically pay for it without increasing anyone health care costs…

The single greatest thing citizens of a nation can do is provide decent health care to those in need.

Paid for by whom?

People who care about having a strong, healthy and happy citizenship and nation. People who aren’t astoundingly selfish and short-sighted.

But, even for the others, a good healthcare system SAVES people money. Too bad there are so many obstructionists who make it so difficult to do the right thing in the most efficient manner.

I’m glad you were able to figure out that since I don’t want my wallet picked I don’t care. Didn’t know the two went hand in hand

This is a win for everyone! If you did not think your tax dollars for Public Radio were worth it before, well, now you’ve got twice as much public radio not to listen to — at the same low price I presume.