Undocumented immigrants march for citizenship in Santa Maria

May 2, 2013

santa maria immiAbout 80 protesters marched in Santa Maria Wednesday, calling for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. [KCOY]

The protesters marched to the corner of Main St. and Broadway, where they held signs, many of which saying, “The time is Now!”

According to the North County Coalition, which works to keep undocumented families together, there are more than 23,000 undocumented immigrants in Santa Barbara County.

Former undocumented immigrant Rosa Coronado said parents come to the United States to provide better futures for their families.

“I don’t think it’s fair for families to be separated because the parents want the best for their kids,” Coronado said.

Coronado, who is now a citizen, said she came to California from Mexico in 1978 to work in the fields, but authorities deported her mother and older brothers.

Wednesday was International Workers’ Day. Some of the Santa Maria protesters carried signs saying, “Power to the workers.”


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Undocumented immigrfants, well actually I like to call it like it is, ILLEGAL ALLIENS, demand rights? Only in the United States could any boarder hoppers even think of doing such a thing. Anywhere else and the bujsses would be lined up ready to ship them back across the border.

Thinking about it, why don’t terrorists have the same rights. They are here illegally, but why should they be denied the same. Perhaps the unions should get involved and organize these groups.

Whoa. Known criminals ( being here unauthorized is indeed a crime ) in a public place, and no law enforcement making arrests???

If any of us were openly breaking the law, we would certainly be thrown in jail.

I had a conversation with a gentleman from Mexico about illegal immigration who informed me that California was actually part of Mexico, and that in fact I was the illegal immigant. To which I responded, if this was Mexico then I would be in living in Oregon State, and we would probably be standing there having the same conversation….

In that case, Mexicans were illegal immigrants on roughly 30 Indian tribal nations.

The roughly 30 Indian tribal nations were illegal immigrants on …..

….and so on we can go. Unless that Mexican gentleman could speak Chumash and had documentation from the Chumash tribe, he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Come to think of it, are DOUBLE illegal immigrants. Once on Indian nations and now on our nation.


Just try this in Mexico.

“Undocumented Immigrants” Please fact check me on this but I believe the LA Times now uses “Unauthorized Adult” to be more PC. Wonder what it will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow it will be “Future democrat low-information voter”

Shoulda rounded ’em up when they were all in one place. Now we got to chase them around.

The 23,000 figure is more like 46,000. Santa Maria demographics alone lists 34% of the 100,000 population as foreign born, and then you have many who aren’t counted in the census.

You can look at Santa Maria to see what happens with unabated immigration in numbers where the city can’t assimilate the new population.

We have to seal the border or our new friends and their many needs (with an average 5th grade education) will destroy the middle class (taxes and standard of living) in California.

Meanwhile, Mexican legislators make $50,000 a month. That’s $600,000 a year! Mexico is simply shifting their poor to the US and then encouraging them to get dual citizenship. Citizenship isn’t the answer; worker programs are what we all need (workers come here, earn money, and then return home).

Sealing the border of Arizona will keep us much safer.

All of the border.