Adult day care funding scuttled

June 14, 2013

old coupleA plan to reinstate state budget funding for adult day care centers has been abandoned after the bill’s author refused to accept suggested amendments. (Sacramento Bee)

Mariko Yamada, a Democrat from Yolo County, declined to remove wording in the proposal which would have allowed for-profit organizations to participate. She said she objected to “making a profit off the public dollar.”

Supporters of the amendment thought the for-profit entities could have “filled a void,” according to Sen. Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles.

Adult care center funding was removed two years ago by Gov. Jerry Brown in a cost-saving measure. This renewed action was an effort to reinstate that Medi-Cal funding.

The bill died in the Senate Health Committee without a motion after blasting through earlier committee hearings.

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entire thread of comments deleted , derail.

-our topic- state senior daycare program funding

Please lets talk about that.

???? or !!!!

thanks so much.

Families need to take care of their own. It is not my responsibility to pay for your kid to eat at school, summer as well as during the school year, pay for tutors, transportations, clothing, cell phone, computers, etc. I provide you with housing, pay for your tires on your vehicle, food stamps, low income utilities, health care and now you want me to pay for your mom and/or dad at a daycare center. That is a family responsibility, not mine. NO MORE TAXES!

Wow! Good news slobird your off the hook. You dont do as much as you think you do. So yes you pay your taxes blah blah! Give it a rest..oneday you will be on the recieving end for help. Now be calm,nothing you can say will change the needs and help for these programs so go pay your taxes and buy a roll of duct tape!

simplistic bs comment

Our nation and our culture and the individuals within it will be much more healthy and happy if individuals consider and work for what benefits the community as a whole, and not just their own selfish needs.

The whole purpose of having a nation is for individuals to band together for the common good. When the desire for doing that ends, so does the nation.