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More Californians signing up for health care plans

California’s state health exchange, Covered California, is reporting large numbers of residents signing up for health care plans under provisions in the nation’s new health care law. [Mercury News] Between Nov. 15 and Dec. 3, 300,000 Californians submitted applications to... (Continue reading)

De Groot nursing home closing

California health officials have determined that the de Groot nursing home for children in San Luis Obispo no longer qualifies to receive Medi-Cal program payments. Its provider agreement ends Oct. 8. After 23 years in business, the state said it... (Continue reading)

Mom and Medi-Cal

By GORDON MULLIN (Editor’s note: This is the first edition of a column by San Luis Obispo financial planner Gordon Mullin called A Penny Saved) $95,136.88 That’s the sum that my deceased mother’s estate owed to California’s Medi-Cal program. That’s the amount... (Continue reading)

Adult day care funding scuttled

A plan to reinstate state budget funding for adult day care centers has been abandoned after the bill’s author refused to accept suggested amendments. (Sacramento Bee) Mariko Yamada, a Democrat from Yolo County, declined to remove wording in the proposal... (Continue reading)

Big employers exploiting Medi-Cal?

Supporters of a legislative plan called “the Walmart bill” demonstrated at the state capitol Wednesday, hoping to punish big employers for paying wages so low that workers are forced onto Medi-Cal rolls. (SacBee) Heavily backed by labor unions, the bill,... (Continue reading)

Lawmakers seek nursing cut relief

A bipartisan group of Sacramento lawmakers has mounted a campaign to give hospital-based skilled nursing services a financial break in the wake of cuts to Medi-Cal budgets. (Sacramento Bee) Three prominent Republicans, including Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway of Tulare,... (Continue reading)

Medi-Cal facing expensive boom

Medi-Cal patient numbers will expand dramatically over the next few years while more and more California physicians are curtailing their services to recipients of the state’s health care program. (San Jose Mercury News) Many doctors already view Medi-Cal reimbursements as... (Continue reading)

Sheriffs support early release prisoner bill

Faced with the cost of a rapidly growing inmate population, California sheriffs are backing a bill that would allow some felons to leave county jails before completing minimum sentences. The bill, authored by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would grant... (Continue reading)

Medi-Cal records public, judge says

Public records disclosure laws were broken last year by a state agency when it refused to disclose data on Medi-Cal budget reductions, a Sacramento judge ruled this week. [Sacramento Bee] Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connolly, a former lawmaker, said the... (Continue reading)

Proposed Medi-Cal changes questioned

Major changes for the state’s medical program for the needy are in the works, even as legislative advisers and advocates raise major questions. [CaliforniaWatch] Changes include more seniors being routed to managed care programs, a reinvention of how hospitals are... (Continue reading)