FBI searches lawmaker offices

June 4, 2013
Sen. Ron Calderon

Sen. Ron Calderon

Offices of a Democratic state senator and the Legislature’s Latino Caucus were raided Tuesday by agents of the FBI armed with search warrants. (Sacramento Bee)

Federal officials declined to identify the purpose of the search, which centered on the Capitol office of Sen. Ron Calderon of Montebello. He represents the 30th Senate district.

Calderon is from a political family, and chairs the Senate insurance committee as well as a special Senate committee on film and the television industry. He wrote a successful bill last year extending a tax credit program for film producers.

The Latino Legislative Caucus has come under recent attention from investigators for refusing to identify donors to a nonprofit.

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I think the FBI is unfairly targeting a hispanic group.

They should have never held that tea party fund raiser. I told them to serve coffee and not tea.

The Fair Political Practices Commission rules are very specific about identifying political donations from everyone, not just nonprofits. Donors must be identified by name, job title, company, address and current and cumulative donations. I would think that agency would have been the first to sound the alarm. Since the FBI is now involved it must be much worse.

There was a similar controversy here a few years ago when Mayor Jan Marx tried to pull the same stunt, not identifying the people opposing the Dalidio development.

It must be REALLY, REALLY bad if the FBI actually raided democrat offices. I’m sure this will be buried soon, anyway.

Or maybe the US Justice Dept. will let this go to “prove” they are investigating all violators of campaign finance requirements and not just Conservative ones. If this case is as bad as I suspect, it would be an easy target to provide cover when they go after their real targets.

Sounds like a search for criminal donations/donors. The Latino Legislative Caucus, unlike the Black Caucus for example, has been very secretive about who is donating and supporting their people. Unless the FBI can make their case with the records they seized, we’ll probably never know what this is about.

But like the Black Caucus, they use their race to hide behind wrong-doings. Sound familiar? Too soon to state the obvious?

Refusing to identify donors to a nonprofit?? Sounds like a job for the IRS!!! Oh that’s right they are tied up in their own mess.