Gibson should not criticize open debate

June 11, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson


” Now for the rest of the story ” referring to the article by San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson on June 5, in which he is complaining about citizens exposing a hidden agenda, and other APCD board members who actually engaged in discussion and debate on the divisive Children’s Bill of Rights.

Gibson, a member of the First Five Commission, tries to sell his pet project as simply a set of 12 laudable goals and aspirations to benefit children. He claims there is no legislative agenda behind the Children’s Bill of Rights.

To give a little history, this resolution was presented to the SLO County Board of Supervisors a few weeks ago by Dr. Julian Crocker, the County Superintendent of Schools, who introduced the document as a platform on which to move forward with legislation and new law; in other words, putting enforcement teeth into these so called rights. The idea is to change the law. Of course, this statement raised red flags among some board members and citizens in attendance, which stimulated vigorous discussion.

Remember, this was supposed to be a simple resolution claiming 12 nice goals for children to live by. At that meeting, Dr. Crocker let it slip about another agenda. When Frank Mecham asked Dr. Crocker to clarify, Dr. Crocker jumped at the chance to change his story and quickly claimed that the resolution was a “list of goals and aspirations”.

Wow, close call. Too late. Now, the board of supervisors could vote for the Children’s Bill of Rights. After all, what politician would want to be seen as standing against “the children.”

Fast forward to the APCD meeting a few weeks later, and the First Five people make an appearance to get all the boards on board, only this time, the board had done their homework and wanted to know, if this was really just an innocent list of goals and aspirations, why the resolution was called a bill of rights? One member shared that she had lived in Europe and witnessed this kind of resolution turn into state oppression of homeschool families. Why not change the title? The First Five Commission wouldn’t budge.

Some of the items on the resolution are as follows:

Eat healthy and plentiful meals everyday. (Sounds good so far…who makes sure this happens?)

Enjoy daily physical activity and time outdoors. (Sounds good if it’s voluntary but these people want to pass laws. What if a child has asthma or allergies?)

Visit a doctor, dentist, or counselor when needed to help us stay physically and mentally healthy. (When parents cannot afford these services, does that mean that the State steps in, or holds the parents liable?)

Be encouraged to dream big, to grow through challenges and mistakes and to always live with hope and aspirations. (How do you make laws and policy about this one?)

These are indeed goals and aspirations for life and I might add, this is a very short list. I want much more for my five adopted children. Most of these values are achieved through involvement in church or synagogue.

So what is wrong with wanting to change some laws to benefit children? The United Nations introduced a children’s bill of rights to be considered by the U.S. Congress but Congress did not pass it. Are the leaders of our nation against children? Hardly. After getting feedback from legal counsel, juvenile services, and child advocates, Congress came against the bill. The conclusion was that this approach would turn effective constitutional law on its head, give too much power to inexperienced children, disrupt family and parenting structure, and allow greater state intrusion into the home.

Since 1992, the UN has a new strategy; when it can’t get something passed at a nation’s federal level, it goes into all state, county, and city governing bodies of that nation. Using sympathetic NGOs, it tries to pass its ideology into law at those levels. This has been very effective. A good example is the way the UN has pushed Agenda 21 into every local area in our country, even though Congress rejected it. Some states have outlawed Agenda 21, Smart Growth, and Sustainable Development from operating in their states. The UN has dedicated approximately 30 percent of its worldwide budget for Agenda 21 to California alone. So the children’s bill of rights is simply another back door attempt to get UN style socialist law systems passed into California and other states. Don’t believe me! Do your own research. Painted with a warm and fuzzy brush, the socialistic ideology is right under the surface.

If the Children’s Bill of Rights is not hiding an underlying agenda, then the First Five Commission should have no trouble changing the name to Children’s List of Goals and Aspirations. After all, most churches, synagogues, and all parenting classes in the county teach these ideas (and more) every day. Many of the items on the Children’s Bill of Rights cannot be legislated well and the ones that can be legislated, already have been.

I want to salute the brave members of the APCD board for not bowing to the political pressure and I congratulate them for discerning the deceptive nature of this flawed resolution. It is good to know that there are at least some adults in the room at the APCD who understand family and children’s needs. To the First Five Commission, I say, “Prove your real interest in children’s welfare and drop the hidden agenda and the bill of rights part of the title. Words have meaning. And as for Mr. Gibson, since you are dispirited, I encourage you to get another spirit and this time get the one that is not mean.

Thomas Dawson is a former school teacher and local business owner who currently works with addiction recovery groups.


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Here’s the link to the Mayors Civility Accord. The way I read this, Gibson and Hill regularly violate everyone of these points of civility. These rants by Gibson and Hill were targeted against some of the most reasonable, well comported ladies and gentlemen on the APCD and other forums.


According to the US Mayors, this is how the Elected are supposed to treat the Citizens who come before their boards to speak

Respect the right of all Americans to hold different opinions;

Avoid rhetoric intended to humiliate, de-legitimatize, or question the patriotism of those whose opinions are different from ours;

Strive to understand differing perspectives;

Choose words carefully;

Speak truthfully without accusation, and avoid distortion;

Speak out against violence, prejudice, and incivility in all of their forms, whenever and wherever they occur.

Put DO NOT in front of those points and you would have the TEA Party’s operating principles. LOL

The APCD’s “no” vote shows a lot of spine. It’s a tremendous step for a politico to vote against children, otters, butterflies, etc. Which is why children, etc., make such a potent Trojan Horse.

The “no” vote shows two things:

1) The liberal stranglehold on local politics is loosening. The grown-ups are reasserting their control and using grown up ideas in their political meetings.

2) At least SOME of our local politicos are trying to focus on the work they have been tasked with (in this case air pollution).

I thought the editorial was going pretty good, until the Agenda 21 references. Agenda 21 is kind of a buzzkill for me.

He needs links in his diatribe

Eisenhower era

1st 5




racket, I thought the editorial was good also – Dawson laid out the story well and gave background info. If “Agenda 21” is a “buzzkill” for you, I strongly urge you to research it. You will find it is a real bona fide “agenda”, being pushed by the UN that covers absolutely every aspect of human life. The reference to it in Dawson’s editorial is in fact, true.

Here is the link to the UN’s Agenda 21 webpage:

If that doesn’t work, you can get to it by going to the UN’s “sustainable development page, scroll down a little to find “Agenda 21” in the right hand column.

Whatever way you get there, you can download the document and read it for yourself.

Here’s the first paragraph on the UN’s Agenda 21 webpage:

“Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Only problem is, since humans are a part of life on earth, then of course, every little thing we do “impacts the environment” in one way or another. Even exhaling impacts the environment. Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden, carbon, which you exhale, became “bad” and needs to be taxed? Do you even know where all those carbon credits/taxes are really going? If you think they’re going to some effort to “save the environment”, I’m sorry to have to tell you that no, those carbon credits/taxes go into the pockets of private profiteers such as Al Gore.

Agenda 21 is just one of many control mechanisms put together by people with big egos who think they know how every human being should live, and they are the ones to dictate their idea to others. (The fiat monetary system whereby you pay interest on money created out of thin air is also a control mechanism put forward and kept in place by the same elites. No, this is not a theory, but a fact. Do the research.) But since dictatorships are so abhorrent to most people, and they couldn’t get it passed by Congress, they’re using all major media outlets, schools, churches, every level/branch of local government, etc., to program the populace into accepting Agenda 21 without knowing it is Agenda 21. They prey on ignorance, fear, guilt, inferiority, and self-hate, while manipulating the facts. It’s a very subversive way to completely change an entire society without it knowing it – get people to think it’s their idea and what they want.

Agenda 21 doesn’t care about you, racket. It does not have room for individuals with individual needs. It does not care about the unique needs or desires of communities that distinguishes one community from the other. It is a plan by a few who think they’ve somehow got something that justifies them telling “the masses” (that’s you) how to live – they’ve even determined how many times each sex will flush the toilet each day.

If you think just hearing the word “Agenda 21” is a “buzzkill”, I wonder what you’ll be saying IF it becomes fully enacted. I think you’ll find it will “kill” much more than just your “buzz”.

Do the research, wake up, and start standing up for your right to be a free being, and respected as such.

It’s a good thing we’ve got the Republican Party to decry these toothless, pointless, feel-good declarations promulgated by a government with nothing better to do, but dark mutterings by the tinfoil hat brigade about Agenda 21 and socialism aren’t helping.

I was in that group that cringed every time someone said “Agenda 21”. I have since taken the time over the past couple of years to read and learn more about it. If one reads the wording of the UN Agenda 21 and then reads the wording in “Smart Growth” “Core Curriculum” “Children’s bill of rights” and other current feel good panaceas that promise everything will be wonderful when these “new” ways are adopted: there it is — Agenda 21 wording!.

Sadly those are all the panaceas have failed to successfully improve the lot of the people. In fact every time they have been tried this in Socialist and Communist countries it has put people into deeper poverty and deprived people of their God given rights. I hope those of us who believe in the sanctity of personal and property rights will be able to educate and block these pits of doom to our way of life here in SLO and the Nation.

I personally don’t think that one needs to say “Agenda 21” to speak to the flaws in these ridiculous proposals that permeate our current planning and educational venues. However, they are all right there in the written words of the UN and their Agenda 21 platform. Take a peek people.

Well said, Thomas Dawson!

Children have all the rights afforded by the Constitution and are supported by their parents into adulthood. (Don’t go crazy about the children in poverty and with crumby parents. There are resources and systems in place to counter act that situation.) Parents are entrusted with the rights and responsibilities of raising their children to know right from wrong, gain skills for adulthood and to become good citizens. There’s no need for a supercilious and phoney “Bill of rights” for children.

What’s up with this Bill of Rights, it’s on the Oceano CSD agenda for tomorrow night, too.

That district has more important issues to deal with; wasting money wasting time — again.

It’s OK Tom, Gibson is just trying to recapture his idealistic rich kid childhood…playing in the sand box with his assistant. Together they have given 110% to the business of the County. Leaving him 45% of his days to focus on leading his double life with another man’s wife.

I didn’t know that Gail Wilcox was married. Lets not forget that before the current highly paid assistant who is the only one suited for the position (not sure which position but I have two bits which should be enough to find out.) there was Gail Wilcox who positioned herself nicely with Gibson….That cost the taxpayers about 300,000 in hush money. Remember the supervisors said it would save the taxpayers money if we just paid her off rather than prosecute her for the crimes she committed.

The hipocracy is beyond description. This is the guy who sends law enforcement out to harass the homeless until they have to join CAPSLO and then his buddy the maligant dawrf, Ashbaugh and Dee Torres steal money from the homeless. They sell diapers and eating utensils that were donated by citizens and then pocket the money. Think about that for a minute…..

Since children were involved in some of the vehicles that were harassed by law enforcement, and that enforcement came at the call of the City Council, Board of Supervisors and CAPSLO, and they passed the Bill of Rights for Children, shouldn’t they be arrested for their continued harassment of not being allowed to park anywhere except where CAPSLO say they can. This is child abuse, bullying, harassment, and intimidation of the children.

And again, we have the fairy godmother of Gibson, Shirley Bianchi, protecting her protege’ in the Tribune today and calling her fold of liberal Central Democrats to local meeting and be heard, loud and clear for their agenda as she was quite upset about the APCD meeting rejecting the Children’s Bill of Right agenda.

CherieMcKee……….now that is some good sh*@ ; )