Humane Society wants Morro Bay Aquarium shut down

June 13, 2013

The Humane Society of the United States released a statement Wednesday asking the city of Morro Bay not to renew the Morro Bay Aquarium’s lease.

The run down aquarium is the home to sea lions, otters and other marine animals. It first opened its doors in 1960 with a lease set to expire in 2018.

morro bay aWayne Pacelle, the Humane Society president, is asking the council not to renew the lease and consider transforming the building into an education facility.

“For years, the Morro Bay Aquarium has been the source of public complaints,” Pacella says in his statement. “The facility keeps its animals in small, dingy enclosures that are inappropriate and do not educate or inspire visitors about the wonders of marine life.

“The Aquarium’s lease will soon be up for renewal. The city of Morro Bay should take this opportunity to close the outdated aquarium and replace it with a children’s museum or an interactive visitor’s center that educates people about marine life and the importance of our oceans.

“Please urge the City Council not to renew the Morro Bay Aquarium’s lease. A new facility dedicated to animal welfare would benefit marine animals and the Morro Bay community for many years to come.”


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Went through there about 20 years ago, and was horrified by it….it’s a negative to the community, it should be shut down…