Looters hit Lompoc businesses during power outage

June 25, 2013

carDuring Sunday night’s power outage, reports of attempted burglaries and looting overwhelming dispatchers at Lompoc police headquarters. [KCOY]

The looters caused significant damage, however, little was stolen.

At Tom’s Burger in the College Center, burglars smashed a glass door to get in. The owner told KCOY the only thing missing was an empty cash drawer.

A few doors down from the burger restaurant, the windows were smashed at what appeared to be vandalism and a failed burglary attempt at Central Coast Headway, a center for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Across town at Ocean Avenue Liquor, the front door was smashed. However, the re-enforced glass prevented the looters from getting inside before neighbors called the police.


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Hope and Change everywhere I look, now-a-days.

“Looting In Lompoc” , with the perps getting nothing.

Sounds like the basis for a new screenplay.

Any business owner that catches a looter in the act has a moral obligation to shoot them

While I agree about the morality of such action, the reality is that there is a higher obligation to not put oneself behind bars for something less than a real threat to life or liberty. If there is any doubt that you could get away with it or prove that there was such a threat, don’t do it. It isn’t worth the trouble tempting as it may be.

If the owner of the business was inside of his or her establishment when a looter broke in, there would be little trouble demonstrating self-defense, if they were to send the criminal to their rightful place.

Wow, these looters must have been really upset about not being able to sit at home and watch their favorite reality TV shows! ;)

Criminals always love when they see an opportunity. This time was no different.

Darkness and cops answering all the silly calls from people wondering why their power is out. Then they don’t have time to take care of real police work.

Glad that you think it is funny, that overreacting people to a blackout waste cops time.