Man killed in San Luis Obispo plane crash

June 24, 2013

sl plane crashOne man was killed when his twin-engine plane crashed into a truck parked in front of a chemical building in San Luis Obispo shortly after taking off from the airport on Monday afternoon.

At about 1 p.m., the plane crashed into an unoccupied Fed Ex truck parked in front of the Promega Biosciences building on Granada Drive.

San Luis Obispo firefighters put out the flames from the wreckage.

The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.


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Promega engineers enzymes. Zelinski, the founder, and promoter of a bioengineering science park in affiliation with Cal Poly, was one of the most vocal opponents of Measure Q, which sought to require labeling of foodstuffs containing GM ingredients.

Do you think he would put a label on the side of his building detailing the toxic contents therein? Not on your life.

Correction: Lauren Brown (who also taught @ CalPoly) was running this lab during the Measure Q campaign.

You mean nasty chemicals like this:


Quinic Acid

3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic Acid

Dimethyl Disulfide





…add water and caffeine and you get: COFFEE.

Call me a “worry-wort,” but what the heck does bioscience engineering engineer, anyway?

And what kind of “chemicals” are in their facility and stored in the building into which the plane crashed?

What kind of products do they make? Who are their customers?, start there.

worry-wart…the sun will come up tomorrow.

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