Stalker stabbed in Oceano

June 13, 2013
Donald Ralph Juarez

Donald Ralph Juarez

A 43-year-old man stopped by his girlfriend’s house early Wednesday morning and left with a hunting knife stuck in the right side of his body.

On Tuesday, Donald Ralph Juarez left San Luis Obispo County Jail went to visit his girlfriend at her Oceano home where he found her with another man, 20-year-old Cody Alexander Jackson. Juarez confronted Jackson inside his girlfriend’s house before he left.

Juarez returned Wednesday around 4:50 a.m., forced his way into the house and began assaulting his girlfriend.

When the woman cried for help, Jackson stabbed Juarez in the back. Sheriff’s deputies found Juarez shortly after in the driveway of the house with a hunting knife stuck in his side.

Responders transported Juarez to a local hospital, where he received treatment for stab wounds that are not life threatening.

Once Juarez leaves the hospital, sheriff’s deputies will book him in jail for stalking, domestic violence and burglarizing a residence.


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You can only pray to be as clever.

As Donald stated afterwards, “I get the point!”.

Sadly this doesn’t sound like “its over” for the stalker. Hopefully the victim and the deer slayer can move away and be happy ever after. Or at least take a stab at it!

Kind of reminds me of that Lionel Ritchie song ………. “Im stuck on you”

He looks oddly at home having his picture taken. Frequent flyer, perhaps.

What type of expression do you deem acceptable for a mug shot?

Abject humiliation.

Hope the kid gets his knife back… knife? back? Oh well, there were no other comments.


Uh, you need a new writer. If you want, I’ll sluff some of my older stuff to you that would be far better than your current material.

You’re welcome.