NASA taps Cal Poly alum as potential astronaut

June 18, 2013

Victor GloverA Cal Poly alumnus may become one of NASA’s next astronauts.

NASA selected Cal Poly engineering alumnus and Navy Lt. Cmdr. Victor Glover as a one of eight members of its 21st astronaut candidate class. More than 6,000 people applied for entry into the astronaut training class.

Glover, who is currently serving as a Navy Legislative Fellow in Congress, must complete two years of training in Houston to become a NASA astronaut.

The Cal Poly alumnus also graduated from the Air Force Test Pilot School and the Naval Postgraduate School. He also flew 24 missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Glover received several Navy medals, including the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

He graduated Cal Poly in 1999. If Glover completes his NASA training, he will become the fourth Cal Poly grad to serve as an astronaut.


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This doesn’t surprise me…There are a lot of space cadets at Cal Poly…lol

Lol, NASA cannot even launch a person into orbit anymore. Basically, let’s just start calling them Cosmonauts, because that’s what we’re left with.

Let NASA get back to the hard work of running around telling Muslims how important their contributions to astronomy was (prior to Muhammad, but that’s not important).

The last time NASA launched a human into space was July 08, 2011 (Atlantis’ final launch). Everything else has been foreign. I’m just saying, if one wants to get into orbit (or beyond), NASA is no longer the path to it. I know this will hit many people the wrong way, but 1972 was NASA’s last moon landing. 1972. That’s a while ago. The shuttles, as old as they were, served for 30 years and have been done for a couple years now.

The agency’s budget is massive for what we’re getting. NASA wants $35 BILLION to build their dream rocket to power their SLS hopes… I don’t see it as happening, especially within budget. To compare, SpaceX formed, designed a rocket from scratch, built it and launched it for around $1 Billion. From scratch, with a brand new private company. Tell me again why we need NASA? We’re not space-racing the Soviet Union, so we do not need Soviet-style agencies to throw money away with.

That’s great! Best of luck to Navy Lt. Cmdr. Glover. He’s pursuing a life that many of us dreamed of as children. Very inspiring!