State budget may be on time

June 11, 2013

Jerry BrownA timely state budget is on the horizon after Gov. Jerry Brown reached accord with lawmakers on sticking points in the $96.4 billion spending plan. (San Jose Mercury News)

Both houses of the Legislature are expected to approve a budget by this weekend.

Most of the state’s newly-found money will go into K-12 education, with an emphasis on disadvantaged students, which was Brown’s promise while successfully campaigning for an increase in the state sales tax. That tax has yielded an additional $46 billion to state coffers.

More money for poor students, foster children and English learners will be made available under the planned budget.

“As all budgets are acts of compromise, this budget would be no exception,” legislative Budget Committee chair Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) told reporters. “Our safety net has been shredded in recent years.”


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What the jokers don’t understand is that Brown is a caring fiscally responsible person doing a very

difficult job as Governor of a very complicated state.

Your statement might have some truth, but he has lied, chosen “his” projects just like the other legislators, and has rewarded all his cronies. What makes him any different from the rest of the whores in Sacrament, Democrat and/or Republican. They keep playing musical chairs, patting each other on the back, and lying to the taxpayers. He is no different, period.

Should read:

“Our safety net has been shredded by ridiculously stupid pension plans in recent years.”

Not publicly stated in this budget is an across the board raise for 95,000 state workers represented by the SEIU 100. The workers get 2.5% July 1, 2014 and 2.0 July 1, 2015. I suspect other unions will also be rewarded for their financial and personal support of Prop 30.

Of course! Whenever you hear “poor, disadvantaged, starving children” that is SEIU code for “we’re going to steal some more of your money, morons!”

We seem to fall for it EVERY TIME.

Nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Emphasis on the smoke, no doubt!