Annual Renaissance Festival, event photos

July 28, 2013

Royalty, knights and peasants drank grog and made merry at San Luis Obispo County’s most unique festival, the 29th annual Renaissance Festival, part 1.

If you would like to buy a high-resolution print of any of these photos, aside from those of the performers, contact photographer Dennis Eamon Young at See more of the photographer’s work at


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29th Annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival

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‘Twas a merry time enjoyed by all!

I love the new location over the inferno that was El Chorro regional park. Even on a warm and sunny day, Laguna Lake is much nicer. The cost was acceptable, though I think the kids games were a bit high ($2 for 1 play, $5 for 3) – they were fun event-themed games that should have been a buck a play or 6+ plays for $5…

The drinks were not bad ($5 wine and meade, in TINY cups. I’m sure that’s all overly-regulated by expensive bureaucrats somewhere). The TURKEY LEGS were the best I’ve ever had. They were BRINED and SMOKED. I didn’t get the name of the company doing them, but I think they were out of Salinas. They were $10 and worth it. Maybe a hair too salty for some, but that’s about as nit-picky as I can get on them.

The jousting was fun and frolicking. Would have been nice to see two blokes just going at it, instead it was more of a show and audience vaudevillian performance (which is also fine).

The singers, dancers, and general entertainment was very good! I wish I had known about it a bit more in advance (thankfully, I heard it on Dave’s show the Friday before), as I could have made arrangements with Costume Capers or some place!

Great photos, by the way!