AWOL Hill meets with Ray

July 24, 2013



San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, who caused the cancellation of an Air Pollution Control District board meeting Wednesday by saying he could not attend, was spotted appearing incognito at a San Luis Obispo coffee shop with a political friend while the meeting would have been occurring.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, Hill was spotted at Blackhorse coffee shop on South Broad Street with Caren Ray, an Arroyo Grande councilwoman and candidate to replace Teixeira on both the Board of Supervisors and APCD board. Hill was wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and a black cap that said “Hill” on the back.

Hill and Gibson are currently trying to regain the majority on the Board of Supervisors and the APCD board. If Governor Jerry Brown appoints Ray to replace Teixeira, she would most likely join Hill and Gibson to form a majority voting block on the Board of Supervisors.

Likewise, if Ray receives the appointment and the Grover Beach City Council votes to remove Mayor Debbie Peterson from the APCD board, Hill and Gibson will have reclaimed the APCD board majority.


Adam Hill meeting with Caren Ray while APCD meeting would have occurred

Adam Hill meeting with Caren Ray while APCD meeting would have occurred

Hill chastised Peterson at the last APCD meeting for asking questions of air district staff and said at a Grover Beach council meeting earlier this month that Peterson created a huge distraction by asking her fellow council members to reevaluate the controversial APCD dust rule.

Hill and Supervisor Bruce Gibson both chose earlier in the week not to attend the APCD meeting Wednesday, causing the 12-member board to lose its seven-person quorum needed to hold a meeting. Hill and Gibson likely would have fallen in the minority on key votes if they attended Wednesday because the majority of the board members planning to attend opposed the two supervisors on major regulatory issues.

Prior to this week, three APCD board members, who usually vote with Hill and Gibson, announced that they would miss the meeting. Supervisor Paul Teixeira, another member of the board, died last month, leaving the expected total of board members at Wednesday’s meeting at eight.

If either Gibson or Hill chose to attend, the meeting would have occurred. However, they both skipped, leaving only six members planning to attend the meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday.


Kevin Rice

Of all ironies—scuttling the APCD meeting while meeting with Caren “SLO-Cop-You-Later” Ray, the person he wants at APCD meetings!

Supervisors are not paid $80,000/yr. to sleep in and scuttle meetings dozens have cleared their calendars to attend. Numerous items of business were on the agenda, the district is operating without a budget, and thousands of dollars were wasted preparing staff reports. Many routine items should have been taken care of yesterday which will now double-up and cause a marathon meeting in September. Some board members often have to leave early, so will this now carry into November? Two items on yesderday’s agenda were already deferred from May! Ridiculous.

These two crooks should be HONEST about why they no-showed. If it is proper and upstanding to play this kind of game SAY IT OUT LOUD. The excuse being floated by spin artists does not fly unless Hill and Gibson act like grown men and say it themselves. If these losers scuttled the meeting purposely, say it. Don’t jack us around with lies.

Hill/Gibson should have attended, and should have let the regular, uncontroversial business get done. They could have advocated to defer the controversial items. If they had done so, then they would be in an upstanding position to point fingers at the rest of the board. They are not in an upstanding position because they hid at the eleventh hour.

Or, Hill/Gibson could have walked out on the disputed items if they believe game-playing is the proper tactic. Then, at least the regular business and budget could have been addressed. Then, at least they would be honestly dealing with the public. They are not honest. They are dirty politicians.


This was nothing more than a strategic political move to ensure that the next APCD meeting is held when Smukler, Marx and Costello are able to attend. There is nothing illegal or unethical about it. APCD board members are not required to attend every meeting.

I think it would have been worse to hold a meeting and make a vote without Smukler, Marx or Costello.

Hill sitting out was the politically wise thing to do. What’s the problem?


There’s grace, and there’s lack of grace.

At the very least Hill could have given the APCD board advance notice instead of it being last-minute. I understand the political motivation, am not happy with it, but it’s not unusual either.

But it does demonstrate a lack of respect for the board & office and reeks of a clumsy hack job by Hibson & Gill, I mean Gibson & Hill.


If attendance is not required then all agenda items should be allowed to be voted on regardless of how many members attend. That should enough of an incentive for members to attend unless really impossible. Get rid of the minimum member requirement, even if it got down to just one member attending all items on the agenda should be voted on. period.


Disturbing on so many levels!!


How so?


He didn’t bring his own coffee mug.

Mr. Holly

As Ron White the comedian would say “you can’t fix stupid”. But, you can not re-elect any of these fools.


There appears to be so much dirt surrounding these two, that you could expect Dyson to come ask either to be a spoke person—>


I was so excited when I saw the title AWOL, because I thought that it might be an interview with Adam Hill With Out Lithium! Darn

Niles Q

Why is this news? Because by his actions he’s done a filibuster, the only difference is that we were spared having to listen to him droll on for hours otherwise the results are the same, whatever issue he and Gibson thought they would be losing on is delayed until the next meeting.

And who were the other board members who also weren’t there? Three others? Who were they, Josh, you should have named them.

When did these others tell the staff they wouldn’t attend? Did all five only inform the staff in the past couple of days?

And don’t they all have alternates who could have attended in their place?

This smells like a bigger conspiracy than meets the eye here.


Someone did, just because you think it’s not news or are not paying attention doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see the bigger picture. (Also Niles don’t forget to send Adam some campaign donations he’s going to need them.)

“Gibson and Hill likely would have been part of the minority voting block if the meeting occurred, due to planned absences of other board members. By choosing not to attend, Gibson and Hill prevented the board from achieving a quorum needed to hold the meeting.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx, Morro Bay Councilman Noah Smukler and Arroyo Grand Councilman Joe Costello, who each tend to vote with Gibson and Hill, announced prior to this week that neither they, nor their alternates would attend the meeting Wednesday.”


Hill is at the Broad Street Blackhorse today, goofing off while on the clock. His ‘aide’ was at the Higuera Blackhorse yesterday, with her dog in a purse (really? is that the new office protocol now???) goofing off while on the clock.

And here I sit, working in the private sector so I can make enough money to support these people.

What a shame.


Well, Adam Hill moves to his own drummer… and the voters know that by now… however, I think this meeting is rather interesting. Is it an interview? Is this covered by the Brown act?

Anyway, his dress is amusing anyway.


If he put a wig on he would look like Kevin Graves from Fish Masters and nobody would know. Sure they were talking politics, free lunch from the county taxpayers. Oh and Adam is reading this too.


Kevin blew it big time but Sharon was KSBY’s best personality–then and now. I still miss her!