Video fame, misfortune for burglary suspect

July 24, 2013


When Joseph Oliver Godfrey stopped by Paso Robles’ most popular delicatessen Tuesday, he got an unexpectedly cold reception — handcuffs and a brisk walk to the back seat of Officer Jeremy Petlachi’s police car. (See video of Godfrey’s questioning and arrest here.)

Godfrey was booked into county jail on charges of vehicular burglary after videotaped images of a man identified as him were captured, first on Cregor’s Market and Deli security surveillance cameras, then on a customer’s smart-phone, in the act of stealing a store employee’s purse from a parked vehicle.

The day after the burglary, Godfrey, 29, a county resident, was sitting outside Cregor’s with several acquaintances at 1:30 p.m. when he was recognized as a man who looked like the thief.

Police responded and were questioning Godfrey when a store customer proffered his smart-phone images. Officers showed the video to Godfrey, who initially shook his head in disbelief before shrugging in apparent resignation.

Godfrey was then cuffed by Sgt. Nicki Woods and whisked away to jail.

A CalCoastNews reporter witnessed and videotaped the arrest.

Video fame, misfortune for burglary suspect from Dan Blackburn on Vimeo.

JB Bronson

Got caught on this one. Wonder how many times he did not get caught? Pretty desperate to try and pull this off in broad daylight at a busy place where the locals go. Looking for a way to pay for drugs he has to have sooner than later, to do it in broad daylight. He wasn’t thinking what might happen if a local farm boy who works hard for his money was the owner of that truck and got his hands on him.


Gotta love our phones!


Ironyman, you said that the above is pretty funny, from the posts that I have read by you, I understand where your thinking is at, Im in fear what you think a good time is…..duhhhhh!


particularly with the bananas in the foreground


“Duhhh” is apt. bleaky does not have a clue as to its own thinking. Much less anyone else’s.


I actually liked how the female officer waved at the camera. I know it may not mean much to most people, but it does show a vivid profile of a good cop. So simple, to see a first reaction that say’s, “I’m a nice person”. So….. if you are reading this, thank you.


Dumbs**ts, dumbs**ts, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you……………..


Attention all Big Brother types.

There is enough surveillance by private parties who will volunteer it if the need arises so that YOU don’t have to be directly involved. Just make a reasonable case for need and honest citizens will help. Put an end to the overwhelming “snoop” mentality and stop trying to make the rest of us into children who must be monitored, disciplined and protected by default.


This really is pretty funny.