Body found in crashed vehicle

July 5, 2013

highway 154California Highway Patrol officers discovered human remains in a white Chevy truck found 30 feet off of Painted Cave Road in Santa Barbara County on Thursday. [KEYT]

A Santa Barbara Sheriff helicopter crew spotted the truck of Highway 154 around noon. A search and rescue team rapelled off the cliff to get the vehicle that belonged to a person reported missing in March 2012.

Crews then cut away brush and moved rocks so that the truck could be retrieved.

CHP investigators are looking into the cause of the accident. Investigators have not yet confirmed the identity of the remains.







Rappel: to descend a steep slope or vertical face using a rope that is secured at the top and passed through a series of coils or a harness around the body

Repeal: to officially end the validity of something such as a law

Repel: make somebody feel intense aversion, disgust, or revulsion


Actually, repealed is spelled correctly, so spell check wouldn’t have caught it – grammar check might have, however. Let us cast stones appropriately.

Sarah Bellum

I’m guessing that the auto correct feature of the spell checker substituted the wrong word.

Sarah Bellum

The spellchecker has betrayed CCN once again. It’s “rappelled”, not “repealed”.