Grover Beach council considering replacing Peterson on APCD board

July 19, 2013
Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson

The Grover Beach City Council is considering booting its mayor from the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board.

Mayor Debbie Peterson, who has represented Grover Beach on the board since January, attempted Monday to gain the support of her fellow council members in her opposition to the APCD’s Oceano Dunes dust rule. The council did not support Peterson’s plea and instead chose to reconsider her seat on the APCD board.

Earlier this month, Peterson authored a petition calling for a repeal of the dust rule. The rule requires the California Department of Parks to reduce the amount of particulate matter blowing from the Oceano Dunes to the Nipomo Mesa or pay fines of $1,000 a day to the APCD. The APCD claims that off-road vehicle activity on the dunes has caused and increase in pollution on the Nipomo Mesa.

Peterson says the dust rule gives too much power and money to the APCD, and that state parks should have the responsibility for monitoring air quality concerns pertaining to the dunes.

Though the majority of the public speakers at Monday’s meeting supported Peterson, each of the other four council members said they had no interest in repealing the dust rule.

The council is tentatively scheduled to discuss Peterson’s seat on the APCD board on August 5. A majority vote against Peterson would unseat her from the board.



There is nothing wrong with your city council. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling the transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.


It business as usual amongst the ringleaders of the Central Coast. The wadgobbler politicians dont like what one person says, even though she was voted in by the PUBLIC so they try oust her from power. Why didn’t you turds disappear when the public screamed for your removal? Pathetic……………


Actually doggin, you are a little mixed up. Peterson was APPOINTED to the APCD position.


i was digging through a box of pictures from the last 40 years. some were taken at a fire ring at the beach. it was amazing how uncrowded it was. it was the 80’s. yes, times have changed, but so has public behavior


Peterson is simply acting out in order to win the favor and financial backing of extremist political operative sAndy Caldwell and Mike Brown of COLAB with hopes of moving to a higher office where she can operate as a well-fed tool for big money lobbyists just as Debbie Arnold has done.

Circulating this misleading petition and trying to fool the public with a big “ready for prime time” grin on her face is simply part of the initiation process to show that she can tow the line and eat crap with a smile in order to please the men pulling the strings behind the scenes.


You’ve convinced me with the inclusion of all your detailed facts and examples!


LOL r0y…


Roy, I have no intention or interest or expectation of convincing you of anything. It’s interesting that you think I would. Why should I?


My goodness. I thought you were talking about Peterson’s petition there for a minute.


Peterson is welcome to her opinion as a private citizen, but she obviously doesn’t understand how to separate that from her job as an elected official representing the people of Grover Beach, which requires objectivity. She’s out of line on this and deserves to be rebuked for her lack of self-control.


“Though the majority of the public speakers at Monday’s meeting supported Peterson,” … cch, maybe she was doing her job if the people that elected her spoke in support of her. Just because the other councilmembers are out of touch does not make them right. Maybe the people should decide. We all know that the APCD is out of control with their power, permits, fees, and need all the money they can get. The don’t want to stop the vehicles, they just want the State to pay them a $1000 a day of taxpayer money. The want to be Robin Hood’s sidekick, rob peter to pay Paul. They have lost their credibility in our community.

Jorge Estrada

It is refreshing to know that Debbie Peterson is not a sheeple and is willing to fight the good fight. The public should deffend her opposition to bad rules and question their elected board members motive. If they think this rule will curb dust then let’s fund another rule to stop the coastal mildew problem too. Thank you Debbie for being of sound mind and saying no to more layers of taxation.


on whom can we blame mildew?


Jorge, i think you are confused. No one is claiming that OHVs cause mildew. Dust and mildew are very different problems. I don’t know of any public behavior that is being blamed for causing mildew.

Reality Check

Mildew and windblown dust fall into the same category. They are both caused by natural phenomenon. Watch the cable repeat of the Grover Beach City Council meeting. The science condemning OHV for the dust was so flawed as to be totally unreliable. With or without OHV on the dunes, the wind will blow, the dust will drift, the people who live on the Mesa and dislike or have health issues with dust will still have those problems.


Debbie Peterson…Grover Beach’s answer to Adam “Doofus” Hill.

By judging her petition and the grandstanding way she went about dealing with the issue AND the GB city council members, she is definitely not of sound mind, and certainly is not ready for prime time.

Really, the way she handled this issue is about as whackadoodle as the way Adam Hill handles his pet projects.


Mayor Peterson apparently either forgot or her ego precluded her from remembering she is just one of five votes on the Grover Council. Her misguided campaign of fear mongering and mistruths needlessly riled the community but thankfully the Council majority saw through her smoke and mirrors charade.

I’m not alone in feeling this way:

time for some true leadership. who will unseat her?


OMG! Two barely-read lefty fishwraps don’t like someone who is not backed by the DCC?! No way! Say it ain’t so!


Roy, that made me laugh out loud, thank you. Based on your assessment, what you call ccn? Please don’t blow smoke up my you know what by calling it a home for investigative reporting. It is a place where conspiracy theorists come to roost.

Thank you again for the laugh.



CCN does investigative reporting. It is the Tribune that does “reporting by press release”…like they did with the John Wallace disaster at the South County wastewater treatment plant: 1) ask him for a press release; 2) loosely rephrase it; 3) print it for publication.


Debbie Peterson is being railroaded. These pending rules would not be made unless there were plans to enforce them.She is absolutely right in her assessment. But in the vicious world of local politics, it isn’t enough that she lost on the vote; now her opponents want to remove her from the APCD. Whatever happened to pluralism and diversity? Tomsquawk is right, these people will not be satisfied until the vehicles are banned completely..


I think the problem lies in her taking a grandstanding position by starting a petition, on her own, apparently without consulting with the city council members.

The mayor and the city council are in place to make decisions for the people. Just because a member of the public agrees with the mayor doesn’t mean that the mayor is correct, or that the mayor’s actions are acceptable.

When Mayor Peterson set forth her position, she abused the power she holds as mayor. As mayor, her opinions carry more weight than do the opinions of John Q. Public when he starts a position.

Mayor Peterson gave the impression that Grover City officials wanted to repeal the dust rule. This is because a mayor doesn’t DO something like start a controversial petition without first consulting the other city council members. If they don’t agree with her, fine, but they should be given a heads-up about a controversial petition coming down the pike at them, AND the mayor should have made it clear that this did not reflect anybody’s opinion but her own.

I think the city council is reminding her that she is not the queen of the city, and that ultimately they have the power to boot her from the position of mayor.


The mayor of Grover Beach (not City) is directly elected and CANNOT be ‘booted off’ by the other council members… The ONLY way for here to be gone is either resign or go through the recall process.


Harry, which do you prefer: Resign or recall?


Concur with your assessment Ms. Malone. They can remove her from committee assignments by a majority vote.


Mr. Malone, my typographical apologies.


well, no one is going to be happy untill all off-roading is banned?


Along with the fire pits at the beaches. Stay tuned, this is on the horizon and is coming up. Again, people living near the beaches claiming in infringes on their air space.

Why the hell did you move close to the damn beach for if you can’t handlethe sand, people and fun times. Move!


That’s an old argument SLOBIRD. No doubt it is fun to shout it out, but the reality is that it NEVER accomplishes anything and has no legal weight whatsoever. You are wasting your breath.

The fact is that people move to some place and then start complaining. That’s the way it is in America. It’s legal and not likely to change anytime soon. It’s the American way.


Paranoia, party of one?


not so. Dunes, Johnson Valley, Rubicon, Ocotillo Wells