Murdered Santa Maria man owed drug taxes

July 12, 2013
Anthony Ibarra

Anthony Ibarra

Santa Barbara County Grand Jury transcripts suggest that a Santa Maria gang brutally murdered and tortured 28-year-old Anthony Ibarra over a drug tax debt. [KEYT]

Gang members tortured and killed Ibarra on March 17 at a residence on West Donovan Road in Santa Maria. The next day, conspirators dumped Ibarra’s body in a U-Haul truck, which police found on March 19 in an Orcutt residential neighborhood.

Led by Ramon “Cray Ray” Maldonado, the local drug tax collector, the gang members chose to kill Ibarra over a drug tax debt of at least $1,200, according to Grand Jury transcripts.

The gang expected Ibarra to pay a percentage of his drug sales to Maldonado. They also accused him of selling drugs from the gang without paying for them.

Eleven defendants, ranging in age from 15 to 54, currently face charges in connection with the Ibarra murder and torture. Maldonado, 37, is the primary suspect. His fifteen-year-old son Ramon “Little Ray” Maldonado Jr. and girlfriend Carmen Cardenas, 28, also face charges in the case.

All of the defendants in the Ibarra case return to Santa Maria Superior Court on July 18.


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Torture and murder over $1,200? Maybe if you added a couple of zeros.

This Maldonado character is a truly bad apple. Thank God the cops uncovered this ugly mess and will hopefully take all of these monsters off the street.

Death penalty for each and every one of these a**holes.

So many people are so lost. Lost is a sad place to be.

Sounds like Obamas IRS to me!

Drugs have become the scourge of this country. Reality is nothing more than crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs. Sad indeed.

Everybody has to pay taxes. If your business is legal you pay taxes to a legal entity (the government). If your business is illegal you pay taxes to an illegal entity.

…although that parallel also indicates the validity of paying taxes on legal income. I’m sure that in addition to using the taxes to enrich themselves (as do our “public servants”) they also provide services like “protection.”

Technically you still owe the government tax money for illegal profit. Just ask Al Capone