Thief steals Arroyo Grande chief’s badge and gun

July 9, 2013
Steve Annibali

Steve Annibali

A thief stole Arroyo Grand Police Chief Steve Annibali’s badge and gun from his unmarked car Sunday night. [KSBY]

Annibali said that the thief smashed the passenger side window of his car around 11:30 p.m. Sunday outside his Arroyo Grande home.

The thief took Annibali’s response bag, which contained his identification, badge, gun and other emergency supplies.

Annibali said he locked the car and did not place the bag in view, so he believes the person who broke into the car was looking specifically for the stolen items.

The Arroyo Grand Police Department is investigating the case and has yet to identify any suspects.

Annibali said that in retrospect he should have taken his response bag out of the car.

He said he wants the public to know what happened, so everyone is aware that this type of crime could happen to them.



This story just does not add up and is sounding very fishy. For the past several year Chief Annibali has been in the media in a negative manner for discrimination & harassment lawsuits, an attempted hostile takeover Grover Beach police department (I’m sure GBPD is counting their blessing that didn’t happen), AGPD Police Officer’s Association filing a lawsuit against Annibali and the city for unfair labor practice, and now a stolen gun?

One has to ask, “So who is going to conduct the IA against Annibali?” and “He should be placed on Admin Leave while the investigation is being conducted.” Let’s wait to see how Chief Annibali and City manager Adams put their smoked spin on this latest incident? I’m sure they are behind closed doors working on the cover up story now.

Meanwhile because of Annibali’s lack of judgment and not adhering to his own policy, another loaded gun is out on the streets.


Not sure how many thousands of times we’ve been cautioned not to keep valuables (or loaded guns!) in our cars. Apparently that doesn’t apply to police chiefs like Annibali and Solomon-Chitty. Did he seriously think a car alarm would deter a thief? How foolish of him.


It’s not illegal for licensed people to keep firearms in their vehicles. Unlicensed people can keep them in their trunks or in locked cases so long as they are not loaded.

Silly us! To keep a firearm secured in a locked (and likely alarmed) motor vehicle right in front of our homes!


Sam the city told the chief he was to keep his car in his driveway, so the silly us comment is ridiculous, he was told the rule and could not follow it.

Then you state its not “illegal” for licensed people to keep firearms in their vehicles, what are licensed people? Do you mean people with a concealed weapons permit? Because to have a gun in a vehicle out of site is illegal UNLESS you have a cwp.

You also stated in another spot that people would whine if it were in his house because we don’t like guns. I own guns, I have done gun safety classes, I own a gun safe. I DO NOT leave a loaded weapon in my car and hope for the best. That is just plain bad gun control for anyone in law enforcement or anyone period.

I still find it curious that only Annibaldi had his car broken into. Gee like people don’t know what an unmarked car looks like. How hard would it be to figure out where he leaves if you really wanted to know? I think there is more to this story than we will ever know, but someone was just waiting for the opportunity and they got it Sunday night.

I think it will be ashame when we hear how the badge was used for some crime in the near future, because that is what I think is going to happen.



Annibali pulls a Lisa Solomon AND a Paul Brown!

My, Chief Annibali certainly has joined an illustrious group.


Morro Bay Police Officer’s Guns Stolen


Police Chief Loses Loaded Gun



Stop lying.

Annibali’s badge and gun were secured (in a locked vehicle) per this article. Brown’s and Chitty’s were not. Apples and oranges


“Stop lying.” ??? The original comment never said Annibali’s car was unlocked. Locked or unlocked, they were all firearm thefts that could have been prevented if the owner was responsible. The big difference in these three cases is that Paul Brown took full responsibility for his actions and honorably resigned. Solomon didn’t, and most likely neither will Annibali, even though a chief should be held to the highest standard and suffer the stiffest penalties for mistakes.


I heard they recovered the bag a little way down the street. All that was left in it was his pepper spray, mace and a rape whistle.


“Pepper spray” AND “mace”? One (pepper spray) has completely supplanted the other. WHy both?


And yet the government wants guns out of the average citizens hands…because we are not professionals who know how to handle and store our weapons.


Does anyone else believe part of the problem is the ‘in-bred’ police departments in this county?

By ‘in-bred’ – I mean that most of the promotions occur from within the respective departments; rather than bringing in new blood from outside. In breeding fosters lack of concern for details and/or the feeling that rules do not apply to us.

Watch out Paso – another ‘in-bred’ chief is now in ‘charge’ ; although we all know who is really calling the shots – the ‘Big Phat Bald Guy’.


If you knew anything about Annibaldi you would know he came here from back East, he is not in bred as you call him.

I just wonder why he did not park his car in his garage and/or bring the bag in a night. And does he not have an alarm on the car?

Sounds a bit fishy to me. Wonder what is going on with the sexual harassment lawsuit against him.


To my utter surprise – not all chiefs come from within!!

As to the sexual harassment issue – 1 will get you 10, that it will end up about the same as

the one in Paso Robles concerncing Lisa Solomon-Chitty (bang, bang). Nowhere, nada, nothing, zip, zilch, or something very close.


I bet it was the same thief thay stole Lisa Solomon’s and Paul Brown’s guns. Quite a collection. I wonder who is next?

Niles Q

I recall that Solomon’s gun was found by Atascadero PD in the possession of a burglary suspect and the old chief returned it to her and then tried to cover up it being stolen in the first place.

Can’t recall hearing whether Brown’s gun was ever recovered.

Brown resigned from MBPD over his gun being stolen. Do you think Chief Annibali will do likewise? Most likely not.

Maybe he’ll put himself on paid administrative leave while his own staff investigates whether he should be disciplined. A nice little paid vacation while this whole thing blows over.

The chief is no doubt praying that his gun is never used in a crime.

Whoever stole that gun and badge had better keep his mouth shut. I guarantee every cop in the South County will be hunting for them. If they’re smart they’ll return at least the gun. That badge would be a hard trophy to give up for a crook.


Thank you for the reminder, Chief. I will try to remember to not lock my Police Chief badge and gun in my car in front of my house from now on.

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