Man found dead at Pismo Beach Motel 6 identified

August 14, 2013

Duke Shibley with fiance

The Pismo Beach Police Department has identified a man who died last week at Motel 6 as 28-year-old Christopher “Duke” Shibley.

Shibley was a resident of the Central Coast but did not have a permanent address.

Police found his body in a room at the Pismo Beach Motel 6 on August 8. Prior to officers arriving, Shibley’s fiance performed CPR but did not succeed in reviving him.

Investigators say the death is suspicious, but Shibley may have accidentally overdosed on prescription medication.

A toxicology report is pending.


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Please always remember folks that 911 is there for any medical emergency. This service will provide you with qualified medical crews to serve you. However, how can anyone help through incomplete 911 calls. It is fine to do what you can. but please do not delay any chance of help for loved ones by even thinking “you” are more qualified than trained individuals.

A report in another news source indicates that 911 was indeed called in this case.

report states in newspaper NON-COMPLETE! 911. Same reports listed in newspaper that person deceased aprox 1 hour. Sorry, guess we are all being told lies by medical responders and newspaper. Guess u are the more qualified. Maybe u have all the answers. Hey, u might want to convince us all that if we need medical help we should call u. might want to change your number to 911.

No. The news story was correct. Your interpretation of it is not.

A non-complete 911 call does not mean the call was not made. It means the person making it did not finish the conversation – probably because that person was very stressed, and rushed back to administer CPR while waiting for the medical personnel to arrive.

Clearly, the call went through, because the 911 dispatcher was able to determine the location from which it was placed, contacted the hotel, and dispatched the paramedics.

The fact that the person had passed away an hour before paramedics arrived does not necessarily mean that someone discovered the situation, and then delayed calling 911 for an hour. People who have just passed away in their sleep can just look like they are sleeping.

Great photo, sad news. A loud statement about the value of each day.