Rescue wolf on the loose in Paso Robles

August 12, 2013

wolfPaso Robles police are searching for a rescue wolf that escaped from its pack Sunday morning. [KSBY]

Nishka, a husky-wolf hybrid and member of the WHAR – Wolves rescue group, ran away during a training session Sunday. Witnesses last saw the wolf running across the train tracks and into the wilderness near 33rd and Spring Street.

WHAR – Wolves officials said the hybrid wolf on the loose is not a threat to people. Nishka is afraid of people she does not know and avoids coming within 10 feet of them.

The rescue group is using of their own wolves and possibly an airplane to find the husky-wolf on the run.

Nishka has black, white and brown fur and weighs between 80 and 100 pounds.

WHAR-Wolves is requesting that anyone who spots her call (805) 610-6109 or (805) 712-3687.


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The Wolf Hybrid has been located and returned to the shelter. Thank you to everyone who helped us in finding her.

What good is a rescue rescue wolf that is afraid of humans and won’t come within 10 feet of them??

Many times rescues such as Nishka have no other option other than a specialized shelter like W.H.A.R. Most normal animal shelters will not adopt out wolf hybrids and will usually put them down. While some animals never do become completely socialized to people, some make wonderful progress with professional training and can find homes. The others remain at the shelter for the remainder of their lives, where they enjoy the interaction of other wolf hybrids and experienced human handlers.

Smart Wolf.

you can take the boy out of the country………but