SLO man kept $50,000 in drugs by elementary school

August 29, 2013

1A probation search of the home of a man living near a San Luis Obispo elementary school netted approximately $50,000 in drugs Tuesday.

Detectives from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit searched the home of Anthony Wong, 26, around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. They discovered 788 ecstasy tablets, five grams of heroin and a small amount of marijuana.

Wong lives in the 1500 block of West Newport Street, which is in the same neighborhood as C.L. Smith Elementary School.

The detectives arrested Wong for possession of ecstasy for sale, possession of heroin for sale, possession of marijuana for sale and the sale of narcotics within 1,000 feet of a school.

Wong was already on probation for transportation of narcotics.


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Roy – I’m still laughing. Brought tears to my eyes………………you funny man.

Who cares how close it was to a school? Are drugs locked in a closet within 100 feet of a school somehow more dangerous than drugs locked in a closet 5 miles from a school? Every house in SLO is near a school. Arrest the scumbag for being a drug dealer, but don’t pretend that being near a school somehow makes it worse.

I guess the case could be made for him being a dealer of the “X” but the other stuff sounds like a personal stash and, while heroin use is troubling, I think that treatment for that would be more appropriate than punishment. The pot is not worth mentioning.

However, your point about the distance from schools is right on.

Sum Ting Wong here…

He Iz Skewed Now

Probably so. We can be sure from the ecstasy that “Wi Tu Low ” is not involved.

good supply chain management