Three North County people sick from E. Coli

August 3, 2013

medSan Luis Obispo County Public Health officials confirmed that three people in the North County have contracted E. coli in two days, causing two people to be hospitalized. [Tribune]

E. coli is a dangerous bacterium that is potentially deadly to young children, seniors and people with weak immune systems.

Public health officials are investigating the origin of the bacterium. One of the victims, a 12-year-old girl from the Creston 4-H Club, showed a dairy goat at the California Mid-State Fair.

Health official issued an alert on Friday asking that doctors send samples from patients who they suspect are sick from E. Coli. Two of the three reported cases have been identified as a dangerous strain of the bacterium called E. coli 157. The third case was not identified as of Friday.


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As I recall, there was a terrible outbreak of E-coli at the fair a couple of decades ago, and it was related to unsanitary workers/conditions found at a corn dog vendor. It’s’ time to clean up this place!

While it’s nice to include the fact that one victim showed a goat at the Fair, it is highly speculative to think that might be an element to publicize. Let the Health Department connect the dots, that’s their job.

Tainted turtle soup?