Weedbusters scrub Paso, Pozo hills

August 8, 2013

potbustSheriff’s officials said Thursday they have removed more than 10,000 marijuana plants from hilly areas near Paso Robles and Pozo, the result of discoveries by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force.

Officials estimated the value of the haul at $6.5 million.

The Paso site, on public land in the Cypress Mountain area west of the city, contained 7,000 plants, said Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Tony Cipolla. Another 3,000 were uprooted from Los Padres National Forest land west of Pozo near Hi Mountain Road.

Cipolla said “the grow sites were littered with cigarette butts in areas where the vegetation is exceptionally dry.”

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It truly saddens me to see such ignorance , cannabis is not just a drug for recreation . sure Hennery Anslinger started some propaganda in the fourty’s say it has no medical use lies>>> it has medical use and in some cases the CBD”s have proven to eat cancer cells help with seizures and give back appetite to turmaniley ill.

No one I repeat no one has ever died from cannabis use. Do some research before condemning this as a schedule one drug (what a joke ) meaning no medical benefit ,

and understand it is saving lives. No I do not smoke it but I have seen its benefits . its sad to think you would deny an allying 5 year old a cure …

Every society that has ever legalized marijuana has gone on to make it illegal. Ever Society! Why? How could that be? Even China where it was so popular that had “houses” dedicated to marijuana outlawed it.

I have never heard of a case of overdose of LSD either. Let’s legalize it also!

Every society that has ever legalized marijuana has gone on to make it illegal.


A logically flawed positiont. First, you have to define illegal. Many countries technically call it illegal but don’t enforce in many localities including the U.S. Secondly, there are currently several European countries that have gone from legal to illegal back to legal (or non-enforcement) and they are doing just fine. Thirdly, many societies have outlawed all kinds of things–including the U.S. and blacks living with whites and women voting and alcohol. It doesn’t make it right.

Even China where it was so popular that had “houses” dedicated to marijuana outlawed it.


Another logically flawed position. Did you just try to point out China as a model society? Funny. China has outlawed much of the internet too. See response above.

I have never heard of a case of overdose of LSD either.


A logically flawed argument. First, you have to define overdose. Secondly, LSD is well known to be a strong hallucinogenic which is very different than the experience of marijuana. It’s an apples to oranges comparison. Thirdly, one can overdose on water or aspirin and yet they aren’t illegal so the ability to “overdose” as you call it is meaningless as to whether something should be legal or illegal.

1) Not to a sober mind. All (except maybe Holland) have realized they did their children a real disservice and went on to correct it.

2) China was shown as an example of hundreds of years of being embraced and some (not all) sobered up enough to realize what it was doing to its population. NOT as an ideal political society.

3) My definition would be the same as yours was when you pointed out that no one ever died from its use.

As for “lack of enforcement” that means nothing. No one tried to save the virgins when they were being sacrificed to the gods, because they all thought it was a good thing; much like drugs in our society today.

Wow un educated and ignorant ! type in on that computer of yours death from LSD overdose plenty of em . while your at it type in Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports and watch how a 5year old is saved from certain death from 3000 seizures a week to none from CBD’s in this so called menacing flower . or how study’s in Jerusalem (were its legal ) now have found cures for caner . give it a rest your logic hasn’t worked, its time for change .

Has to be a liberal – personal insults? How childish. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/lsd/lsd_death.shtml Now if you were to say that someone with a history of coronary decease can have a heart attack while taking lsd, I would agree.

As for marijuana having some beneficial drugs in it, I would agree and would encourage those drugs to be synthesized and administered by prescription.

Marijuana legal in Jerusalem? : http://www.marijuanatravels.com/cities/isr/jerusalem NOT Sober up and get your facts straight.

Always been sober, un like a certain alcoholic.. not a liberal.. childish maybe .sick of marijuana propaganda yes …causing depravity in our youth come on … http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/lsd/lsd_death.shtml u can overdose from LSD. Israel medical marijuana has been legal for years and is even used in in convalescent homes with seniors with a wide range of disorders.. how can we synthesize it when its a schedule one drug (MEANING IT HAS NO MEDICAL USE ) your attitude towards it is why they cant do this don’t u get it … its not dangerous ,addictive, cancer causing, home recking ,.youth destroying drug as are many legle over the counter drugs are… stop this reefer madnesss…ps that grow wasn’t eragated and I live here in north county with trees dying from lack of water.. no way that’s a cartel DICH WEED….

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Not carcinogenic? Really? It has 67 known carcinogens in it.

Addictive, maybe not according to your definition; however, in the real world it is. I know of several people that could not make it thru a day without smoking it.

Family destroying? Absolutely yes. I have family that refuse to come to my house simply because I will not allow them to smoke marijuana on my property (even with a doctor’s excuse).

Did you even look at the pics? Ditch Weed does not have 6 inch buds. Just when you had me thinking you knew a little about the drug…….

“Such large marijuana groves are usually associated with Mexican drug cartels”, Cipolla said.

“We wouldn’t want someone to come across that criminal element while hiking,” he added.

Rifle ammunition, 5-gallon propane tanks and large trash piles were also discovered, as well as cigarette butts that pose a fire threat in such dry vegetation”.

The pot grows near Nacimiento last year netted pot and an AK47. I’m sure that the Sheriff’s department can pretty much tell from the trash left that this was not some local pothead, but they can’t say for sure unless they catch someone there.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2013/08/08/2623028/marijuana-plants-rural-grow.html#storylink=cpy

Yes that one was locals. Others are in fact Mexican illegals that are seldom prosecuted, simply deported when caught.

Propaganda all propaganda he said she said , no physical addiction . All mental . Seems your the home wrecker it does go both ways . All canabis have flowers how does that prove anything . Sounds to me u have the issues and not those around u . That at ur age u can’t see the truth and your stickin with some deep prevues underlining issue live and let live . Who are u or anyone to stop anyone from doing what they think is right . Regulate it tax it and let’s move on .

“Who are u or anyone to stop anyone from doing what they think is right.” REALLY? What if you think heroin is “right”? What if you think child molest is “right”? Next you will be saying that sacrificing virgins to the gods is ok if you think it is “right”. Please sober up and get some help.

In 1988 there was a large garden (about 5,800 plants) on Rancho Padro Blanca they were nearly all Sinsemillia (female plants without seeds), except for one small corner of the plot, perhaps 50 plants. There was also found a journal that chastised some of the growers for not “minding” the male plants and allowing them to pollinate. Some of the “buds” were 6 to 8 inches long. No! It is NOT “ditch weed” !

Cloud the issue it’s not child molesting or some class b drug were talking about its hemp ,so dramatic . And I have never used drugs or alcohol my religion doesn’t permit it.

But it is what some want to do and since it is not affecting you directly why should you object? As for your religion, most religions that prohibit such don’t condone the sale or use of it by others. Otherwise they truly do not believe what their religion is teaching them. Hypocrites!

At least the punks for the ntf didn’t violate a dozen people’s civil rights and waste a million dollars in court costs this time. May all of them along with the heroin addict officer Cory Pierce rot in their own stew.

so now supply went down which means not enough to meet demand so price goes up which means more incentive for a person to get in the growing and selling business.

and the stupidity continues.

Nah… This was for personal medical marijuana use only, not for resale.

I’m all for legalization of post use. With that comes allowing legalized growing, and with that comes regulations just like other agricultural growers must follow.

The growing on public lands must be dealt with. They destroy wild habitat, bring in toxic chemicals, and can accidentally start fires.

I’m all for legalizing also, but… even if there were rules, like the water problem in Paso, economics trump any rules that may or may not exist.

I’ve been wondering about that. There’s economic incentive to grow and sell your own tax-free tobacco, even websites showing you how to grow, but I’ve never met anyone who has done it, perhaps because the profit margin for black market operations is too small to outweigh the risk. If marijuana legalization ever comes, perhaps we should ensure its’ success by keeping it lightly regulated with low barriers to entry.

As long as any country or even state outlaws this weed, then there will be a “profit margin” worth risking “tax evasion” for. That is why a percentage of our street drugs comes from Mexico where, though illegal, is well accepted as an export product.

No arrests, no irrigation system.

As is with most things in life, we tend to weigh the risks, vs the benefits before we proceed with our decision making.

Isn’t it time we REALLY consider the risks vs the benefits of the war on drugs?

Alcohol and tobacco kill directly or indirectly, hundreds of thousands or humans every year…..how many lives are lost to marijuana use each year?

Something is very wrong here.

There are two separate issues here: the resources-wasting war on drugs, and the illegal growth of ANYTHING on public lands.

I have no problem with pot use. I do have a problem with the destruction of public lands by greedy and irresponsible pot growers.

Again, I’ve never tried the stuff but this so-called “war on drugs–i.e. pot” is a complete waste of time and effort. Legalize it, tax it, regulate it, be done with it.

Please explain how you would propose “tax it, regulate it”? Are you going to tax the grower before the harvest? The wholesaler? or the user? What makes you think the grower, harvester or end user is going to tell you who bought the stuff and when?

The few remaining states that do not have stoned politicians do not want your “pot” in their state. With hundreds of thousands of growers, how do you plan on keeping your drug in California?

Just some thoughts from someone who grew up in the sixties, went to Vietnam in 1967 and has yet to try the dope.

Are you going to tax the grower before the harvest? The wholesaler? or the user? What makes you think the grower, harvester or end user is going to tell you who bought the stuff and when?


Is this really that difficult for you?

Think cigarrettes. Is it regulated? Is it taxed? Is it win win all the way around?

and legalization forces out the illegal trade because legal pot will be cheaper and better.

Think reality! How many tobacco farmers have you seen? That is because tobacco takes a specific climate, is not that easily grown and the profit margin is slim for the farmer (unlike the gov’t – thru taxes).

Marijuana is a weed, thus the nick name ‘weed’ it will grow wild if you let it! Is that simple enough for you?

What is your point? You’re just babbling.

If you don’t like the cigarrette analogy–use alcohol. Anyone can make their own beer and use it or give it away to their friends or sell it if they can find a buyer but they can’t compete with Budweiser and Coors or the dozen of micro-breweries.

Use home grown vegetables or home laid eggs. Same thing. Sure anyone can grow vegetables and fruit or get some chickens and put them in a chicken coop but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the commercial market. Walk into Vons or Albertsons and go to the vegetbable section and there’s the commercial market. Legal, regulated, taxed and profitable. .

It’s as simple as that. Get a clue.

Agreed. Just like alcohol and vegetables, there is a huge demand for export also! Not every community (think state/nation) can grow there own nor brew their own. PS: I have a dozen chickens and grow my own veggies; and since I don’t drink alcohol……

As long as any jurisdiction where they politicians are thinking with a mind unclouded by your drug (unlike California) there will be areas (states or countries) that do not want your dope. Thus creating the “Black Market” needed to keep the profit margin high enough to risk exporting without paying your government taxes. Is that not what Mexico is doing right now?

Tax pot just like other agricultural products are taxed, for medicinal, recreational and other uses. Also, enact regulations on the growing and production of pot and pot products, just like other agricultural interests have to follow.

Do you really believe that anyone is going to voluntarily file a tax form at the end of the year and tell the government that they grew two plants in their back yard? How about 10 plants and shared some with their daughter and her husband? NO! Not going to happen! Why would anyone admit to doing so?

I first got high on pot at a party with several guys just back from ‘Nam. I am not sure who provided the pot but it could have been one of them — or someone else. I continued to do it as a social thing for a couple of years before deciding that its benefit as a social lubricant was outweighed by the negative effects (inhaling smoke, slacker attitude, listening to people saying dumb things). I stopped frequenting bars about the same time for the same reasons.

As far as keeping pot within our borders, not our problem. States with more lax gun laws don’t worry about our stupid restrictions, why should we worry about stupid restrictions against pot use in other states?

Marijuana was vary prevalent in Vietnam. It was used as a numbing agent against the realities of war. It was also the cause of many of our men getting killed, trying to defend themselves while stoned or with a hang over. War is not an 8 to 5 business. My drug of choice was Johnny Walker Red. Worked my way up to a fifth a day. Went through dts from 11/23 to 11/26, left Vietnam on 11/27 and have not drank since. Simply because I do not need it.

How they lie and misrepresent like this on a daily basis (on a multitude of subjects) and continue to get away iwith it mind-boggling. Even if you support these efforts and are very supportive of law enforcement in general, you should be concerned about their communication, planning, and expenditures because if they continue to rely on a standard set of fairy tales, it is not possible for them to ever accomplish their goals.

From the Sourcebook of criminal justice statistics Online, 98% of plant eradicated under DEA (includes local police agencies) during any given year are “DITCH WEED.” Because.. well.. that’s all it is. It grows all over the place, without cultivation. I’m sure they are excited when they see some kind of sign of human activity, like a cigarette butt, so that they can up the ante and reclassify it. Note that some states do not differentiate, and the government stopped releasing any such data after 2009 (? I think? )

Public opinion has changed on marijuana usage; however, just because it is popular, does not mean it is for the greater good of society. There has been societies who’s public support was for some pretty horrific things. From sacrificing ‘virgins’ to the euthanization of the mentally ill. In the United Sates, at this time in our history, there a many (not quite the majority yet) that believe that ‘life’ begins when the child takes its first breath on its own. Up until that breath, it is called abortion, after that breath it is called murder. It is because of this that I do not have faith in “public opinion” as a guide to morality or legality.

Three wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner is called democracy. A well armed sheep is called liberty.

The rise and fall of civilizations can be traced through out history. Consider the Egyption’s rise to building the pyramids and fall to a civilization that can not function as a civilized nation. What caused it? The dumbing-down of its populace? Thru the use of drugs?

United States is well on its way to a downfall. Our kids can not read and write. Our teachers can not pass the tests that they are giving to their students. Our morality is that of a self centered “me” first society that believes they are entitled to unreasonable benefits even at the expense of borrowing trillions of dollars from China to supply cell phones to the “needy”.

Marijuana is just one of the means to accomplish the goal of dumbing-down our population!

I would agree with many of your views on the downfall of our civilization but consider pot use to be insignificant in its contribution and certainly not part of a GOAL of dumbing-down our population.

To the small extent that it does contribute, it is far less efficient than the use of media as propaganda for political interests and the monied interests behind them.

Empires fall because their citizens get too comfortable in their wealth, lose their appreciation for the struggles it took to get that wealth and start thinking in terms of entitlement. (In this, corporations are very much like people — only better at it.)

Great post. Everything about this subject is a big joke. Anyone who knows anything about growing knows that it takes more time and effort to grow 3-4 plants than it does to raise a kid. The amount of time required to turn out a product of reasonable quality expands with the size of the grow. When you see this grows of 1000+ plants, you know it’s “ditch weed”. The only purpose removing this ditch weed serves is to make it seem like local law enforcement is doing something useful. The effect of this ditch weed removal raises the prices of the weed that is not eradicated, which simply encourages more people to attempt these extremely large outdoor grows.

We should let these grows continue. Your neighbor who has a family and goes to work everyday ain’t the one smoking this stuff. If we keep the prices low, the people who actually do buy this stuff will be less likely to break into your house and/or car in order to keep up the with the high prices.

You see that helicopter? It ain’t free. Isn’t the hospital helicopter that everyone is complaining about costing $10K per hour? One would think that local law enforcement had bigger fish to fry.

The helicopters used to fight fires aren’t free either, nor are the steps needed to fix the damage done to the land.

Make it legal, and treat it like any other legal agricultural product.

No other agriculture product is taxed, except in a retail store. What would keep your horticulturist from growing it and exporting it to places where they do not approve of your lifestyle?

What is wrong with treating it like alcohol? Tax it at point of sale if sold. Restrict sales to adults (at least legally — underage drinking is rarely prosecuted except when it results in problems. ) Enforce DUI laws with pot as well as alcohol.

Is pot harmless? No, but the harm is less than from drinking from my experience. The hypocrisy of permitting one while outlawing the other breeds disrespect for the law in general. The cost of enforcing such laws and, occasionally, imprisoning violators is far too great to justify the minimal benefit they might have in reducing use.

You seem to believe the negative effects of pot usage are far worse than I do. What exactly do you think these effects are that justify the high expenses of our (mostly ineffective) war on marijuana? What is the basis for your views?

Outlaw alcohol, please. I have no qualm about that at all. So what happens when a grower (almost anyone can grow the weed) does not report his “retail” sales (to the local high school kids)? Who will police the mega gardens that are being grown even now?

The basis for my view? Reality of watching users that can not function while using it and was they get used to using int (addicted) they can not function without it. Obviously, we disagree on whether or not your brain surgeon can smoke the night before surgery or not. I have not seen any tests that can definitively establish the degree of intoxication or the length of time since the last usage. What if a person tests positive for the drug following a traffic accident. Are they automatically presumed to be under the influence? What about the police officer that, following a shooting, tests positive???

I have a sister that can not go 4 hours without smoking marijuana. She refuses to fly because she would have to go to long of a period between smokes. Is she addicted? Yes!

Also, who cares if some other state decides to keep a ban on pot? Enforcement of a law that we disagree with is their problem not ours. (The same applies to gun control legislation — if I was a Nevada citizen, for example, I wouldn’t let California’s attitude about gun control affect my views on gun sale laws in my state.)

It is not necessarily a “lifestyle drug” in any case. For SOME it may be but those people will do it whether it is legal or not.

Your attitude is borrowed from Mexico. Mexico does not give a rip that we have outlawed the drug. But, then again, it is not like Mexico is experiencing any violence because of that. The same drug lords will move to california so that they can smuggle their product to Canada.