21 injured in Central Coast school bus accident

October 30, 2013

school busA large truck collided with a Righetti High School bus in Santa Maria early Wednesday morning injuring 20 students and the bus driver.

Shortly after 7 a.m., emergency personnel responded to the intersection of Foxen Canyon Road and Orcutt-Gary Road to find the driver trapped in the vehicle. It took firefighters about an hour to extract the driver from the vehicle.

Most of the injured students were treated at the scene and either released to their parents or transported to school. Three students and the bus driver were transported to Marian Regional Medical Center.


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And just wait for the day when a bus on its side and on fire and the bus driver has to attempt cutting off 70 students hanging on seat belts. When an unthinkable amount of students die because we use them how will we feel.

Mark – The bus in the accident did have seat belts. Fools speak what they do not know. All school buses manufactured in California. Wether state owned or private.depending on the year of a bus it will have seat belts.

No seat belts = lots of injured kids. Government busses are exempt from seat belt laws because they don’t want to spend the money to add the seat belts and they would require more busses/drivers because if you have seat belts only two kids can sit in a seat, not two and a half kids as is the common practice.

I saw a t.v. show a few years back about making school buses. They are made to higher standards than I thought they were, prior to watching program.

Here is a link talking about the same. The last three paragraphs cover this.