Arrest warrant issued for fake San Luis Obispo audiologist

October 22, 2013

doctor audA man who claimed to be an audiologist and his wife failed to appear at San Luis Obispo County Superior Court for an arraignment Monday prompting a judge to file arrest warrants for the pair.

Aaron Marquis, 46, is accused of falsely claiming to be an audiologist, seeing patients and dispensing hearing aids without the proper credentials. His wife Anja Marquis, 39, is also charged with fraud. Both pled not guilty.

At their arraignment in August, Judge Jacquelyn Duffy set Aaron Marquis’ bail at $100,000 and his wife’s at $50,000.

On Monday, in addition to issuing arrest warrants, the judge increased their bail to $1 million each and denied the Marquis’ request to remove a restraining order regarding property they own.

Staff at the Marquis’ Advanced Hearing Aid Center in San Luis Obispo office said that they are continuing to see patients and are planning to bring in another audiologist during the trial.

A hearing has been set for Oct. 28 to discuss a motion to freeze their assets.


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I was a victim of Advanced Hearing Aid Center…Aaron Marquis and his office staff. I was offered a free hearing test yet my insurance company was billed. I was offered a 10 day free trial period for hearing aids yet the day I left their office, my insurance company was billed. Low and behold, I did not need hearing aids and returned them yet my insurance company paid for the free hearing test and the hearing aids. When I found out my insurance company had been billed, I contact Advanced Hearing Aid and got some bogus response and I also contacted my insurance company. I do not know if my insurance company ever recovered what they paid Advanced Hearing Aid. I also filed a complaint with the SLO Better Business Bureau.

And after Marquis and his wife were arrested, they continued to advertise in the Telegram Tribune. Justice is being served here as I know first hand, I was victimized by Aaron Marquis and his bogus business.

Is there any doubt that our government works on behalf of powerful oligarchs and guilds to limit competition, under the guise of protecting the public!?

The fact that an imposter can tap the insurance companies for millions and to mitigate this, the government taps the taxpayers for billions is why Congress should have crashed the cash flow. When there is no money non-essentials vanish and safeguards can keep them from comming back, for a while.

Oh my gosh! Dispensing hearing aids without a proper license?! These sound like some hardened criminals. Let’s make sure to ruin their life BEFORE the government has proven their case against them.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out someone at the clerk’s office wrote down the wrong date on their paperwork.

“…Court documents also allege the two charged some of their patient’s insurance companies for procedures they didn’t perform…” –KSBY 10/21

When people scam insurance companies and bill them for services that weren’t rendered, OUR costs go up, too. I’m glad they caught.

*got caught

Doctors and hospitals perform fraud billings every day. This past May 2013 Medicare did a sting operation in 8 cities involving 89 individuals for $223 million in fraud billings. Now, that is a crime!.

What’s your point? Because other people also commit fraud, we should overlook this devious criminal’s blatant dishonest theft? Please… not only did he lie to numerous people, he didn’t even have the courage to stand up in court and face the music and instead fled from his court date like a pathetic little coward. I hope the judge throws the book at him when he is caught.

Now I’ve heard it all!

How many arraignments did they have?