Atascadero considering renting city hall to partiers

October 8, 2013

cityhallThe Atascadero City Council will consider a plan Tuesday to make the newly renovated city hall available for private events and parties.

The city recently completed $30 million of renovations to Historic Atascadero City Hall and is considering recouping some money by renting out the Upper Rotunda, which houses the council chamber. Events taking place at city hall could include weddings, fundraisers, conferences and birthday parties.

City staff recommend renting the rotunda at $3,500 for nonprofits, $5,000 for Atascadero residents and $5,500 for other users.

Staff anticipates renting city hall for weekend events about 6-8 times per year. If the city rents the rotunda more often, it will require hiring an approximately $28,000 part-time event coordinator, a staff report states. More than 30 annual events will require an approximately $80,000 full-time coordinator position.

The council is also considering renting city hall conference rooms during the week.


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Including the conference rooms will be a big plus…There are always charitable groups in need of rooms to hold meetings…not a bad Idea at all…

This ought to be an interesting hearing since this will be in direct competition with the Portola Inn which is owned and operated by the Mayor. No wonder the high prices.

Will the Mayor recuse himself on this hearing?

No one gonna “gasp,” at the $80 K salary of an “events coordinator” besides me.

Pennies a day! A bargain at any price. Now anyone can do the Rumba in the Rotunda.

The annual Cesar Chavez Day party normally held at Shell Beach, is being moved to the Rotunda in 2014. Binge drinking is encouraged. Party on!

I smell competition for the wedding industry, big bucks but still less than the divorce industry. Maybe there’s a room formal divorce parties too?

What will the insurance go up when they decide to do this? I know when my Church was considering renting out our Social Hall to non-members / non-Church functions, our insurance required additional coverage, and the IRS would also be involved. In the end, we decided the potential income was not worth the potential liabilities it would have also brought.

Good for the City, some creative thinking goes a long way these days.

Kudos to whoever came up with the idea!