Brown vetoes bill to put legal immigrants on juries

October 8, 2013

Jerry BrownGovernor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Monday that would allow legal immigrants to serve on juries. [LA Times]

Had Brown signed Assembly Bill 1401 into law, California would have become the first state in the nation to allow non-citizens on juries.

“Jury service, like voting is quintessentially a prerogative and responsibility of citizenship,” Brown wrote in his veto message. “This bill would permit lawful permanent residents who are not citizens to serve on a jury. I don’t think that’s right.”

Democratic Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, who introduced the bill, said he was disappointed the governor vetoed it.

“Lawful permanent immigrants are part of the fabric of our communities, and they benefit from the protections of our laws, so it is fair and just that they be asked to share in the obligation to do jury duty, just as they serve in our courts, schools, police department and armed forces,” Wieckowski said.

Brown’s veto followed a week in which he signed two bills into law that expand the rights of non-citizens. Last week, Brown signed bills granting illegal immigrants the right to receive driver’s licenses and shielding arrested non-citizens from federal immigration officials.


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Do you need to show ID to serve on a jury? Hmmmmmmmmm very interesting.

According to the LA Times article, the bill was for “legal immigrants” to be allowed on jurys, not “illegal immigrants” as this article states. Important distinction I think…

Faux Snooze headline writer got it wrong as well.

Try re-reading the article.

Looks like it has since changed…this morning it definitely read “illegal”, glad to see they corrected it.

This shouldn’t be news, it should have never been considered.

I’m surprised about this….I thought it would of gone the other way.

( changing demographics cause a lot of changes in our quality of life)

Who would have translated for them???

Yeah… it’s darn near impossible to interpret English into ‘Murkan, especially when you add the southern accent and cracker nasal drawl..

They wouldn’t show up anyway.

Its about time he did something right,although its not much.

Say did anybody see where the illegals would need to take a drivers ed course,read or speak English and take the written and driving tests to get their license.

WOW!! For once I must agree with the Governors decision to veto the jury service bill. Maybe he will reconsider the two illegal immigrant bill he just signed.

C’mon, wingnuts, let’s see you disagree with this decision.

They can have my turn for jury duty, personally I am tired of getting called every single year. They get all the benefits why not the negatives?

You don’t care to be a citizen, so I vote to exile you.

Give them the chance to take a full day off work, in the private sector, without pay, to make, what is it $10?, sitting around all day while judges and lawyers rake in the big bucks

So even when everyone is in agreement, you still feel the urge to name-call. Interesting.

Irony, no?