What happens in Shell Beach stays in Shell Beach?

October 2, 2013
Shell Beach

Shell Beach

Santa Maria residents Melinda and Julian Hale married on September 1 overlooking the ocean on a Shell Beach cliff.

The couple met in Las Vegas.

“Apparently not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” the Hale’s wedding website states.

But, what happened in Shell Beach nearly stayed in Shell Beach because it was stolen in Orcutt.

After waiting nearly a month, the Hales expected to see the video footage of their wedding on Sunday. Videographer Nik Koyama set out to deliver the footage, but a thief broke into Koyama’s car in Orcutt and stole his laptop and the hard drive holding the wedding video. [KCOY]

“Everything was lost. It’s all the speeches, the bad dancing, the vows,” Melinda Hale told KCOY. “I felt devastated. This footage is absolutely irreplaceable and second to the birth of a child, this is the most monumental special event in someone’s life.”

But, Hale decided to try and recover the missing Shell Beach memories. She and Koyama posted signs offering a $500 reward and no risk of prosecution.

On Monday evening, a woman called Koyama, saying she found the hard drive with the video and purchased it.

Hale awarded the $500 and recovered the missing wedding footage.

“I’m relieved to see it in front of my eyes,” she said.

Now, only the laptop is missing.


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Dump the files to a USB drive which you then put in your pocket. Not difficult and not time consuming with newer laptops and fast USB ports.

Especially when you do stuff like wedding photography/videography professionally … you’re supposed to be backing up. Preferably to a “cloud based” service. Most pros have their stuff backing up as they’re shooting!

If it’s in any reasonable quality, cloud backup could take forever. Especially with the really crappy ISP’s we have on the central coast.

Video and audio are often not backed up my most cloud services, as well.

Still, hind sight is 20/20, but without knowing how long from the shoot to the theft, it’s difficult to say if even a local backup should have occurred.

Sure would like to know who that woman was who “purchased” the video off of the thief with the lab top. So she hangs out with thieves and protects them and even makes money over someone else’s loss and pain, what a piece of work and I bet she is proud of herself for making the $500.00. People are so disgusting.

Crime pays?