15 Gray Whales found dead

November 5, 2013

Gray whaleDuring the past two months, 15 dead gray whales of the Chukotka-California population have been found washed ashore in Russia. [MoscowTimes]

Gray whales typically migrate from the Chukchi Sea, which is bordered by Alaska and Russia, to Baja California for the winter. The entire population migrates past San Luis Obispo County’s coastline twice a year.

On Tuesday, a Russian marine life organization announced five carcases had been found beached on the Chuckota Coast. In September, Russian scientists found 10 beached gray whales in the same area.

“We need to register all the cases of these animals’ death and investigate the reasons of the incident,” Marine Mammal Council deputy head Andrei Boltunov told the Moscow Times.

In the United States, the whales have been off of the endangered list since 1994. However, Russian scientists currently have the gray whales on their threatened species list.


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There is an old Hopi saying that goes something like this: “after all life in the ocean is dead, all sources of water poisoned and the air is too thick to breathe…the white man will then learn the true importance of money”. Just look at what the poster before me said “at least it’s not plastic bags…”. There you have it: life is insignificant; and the future of our planet shall reflect just that.

So all the ills of this world are the WHITE man’s fault…?

From the beginning of TIME mankind, including the Hopi, has used MONEY or something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment: as officially coined or stamped…to buy and sell with.

Don’t know what caused this yet but it’s probably us. Either way the star fish and now the whales is disturbing and yes, I follow your mind set.

First the starfish, and now whales? At least it’s not plastic bags washing up on the shores… >_>

*ducks tomatoes*