Arroyo Grande teen shot in Paso Robles

November 1, 2013

gunAn 18-year-old Arroyo Grande teen is in stable condition after being shot in the arm and stomach on the 3000 block of Spring Street in Paso Robles on Halloween night

Shortly after 1 a.m. Friday morning, several people called 911 to report hearing gunshots and then seeing several men running northbound on Spring Street yelling for someone to call 911.

When police arrived the victim was conscious and responsive. Emergency medical personnel transferred the teen to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

A motive for the shooting or if it was gang related is under investigation. Police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to call the Paso Robles Police Department (805) 237-6464.


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Least we forget, diversity is our strength. Just ask the President.

mkaney: Crime may or may not be down. Depends if you are looking at Solomon skewed data or not.

Also, while crime in general may be down, what commenters are saying is that the concentration of crime in certain areas is seriously out of control. It might be 10% of the geographic area right now, and maybe not where you live, but if unchecked, that 10% will grow into your neighborhood, sooner or later. We know that, because that 10%, used to be 5%.

Based on all of the past drive-by’s, stabbings, and other gang-related activity in that neighborhood…I’ll take a guess and say absolutely yes, this ~was~ probably gang-related.

Most likely the victim was too. Don’t worry, believe it or not the violent crime rate effecting little white rich Johnny and Suzie has DECREASED over the last decade and is still decreasing.

Do you live in Paso? Are you familiar w/the crime stats on North Spring, near Oak Park? Apparently not. The INCREASE in gang violence there is troubling to Paso residents.

The steady stream of gang-bangers down from King City/Greenfield/Salinas, over from Fresno/Bakersfield/the valley and up from Santa Maria/Santa Barbara/L.A. is a bad thing for all of us–whether, as you say “white and rich”, white and poor, brown, black…who cares?!

I am just reporting the factual statistical information. I have linked to it several times but if you need me to I will find it again. I understand what you are saying, but sometimes perception and reality do not match. No one is really immune to this including myself.

The nortenos are coming down from Northern California and the Surenos are trying to keep their territories. You might want to talk to someone in the Gang Task Force for the latest info but I’ve been hearing for years that the dividing line keeps moving South. From Salinas to King City to Shandon and now???? I recently saw a PB tagging. Does that mean a gang has now claimed Pismo as their territory?

It’s only a matter of time. Pismo is just a hop, skip, and a jump from a fast growing gang area with the Oceano 13 and the Nipomo 13 and gangsters moving up from Santa Maria (complete gang ridden city) to the Mesa area. What did the tag say?

Fortunately, we have a competent Sheriff right now who’s holding off the gang invasions from the South, but with the sheer number of gangsters moving North from LA to Santa Maria and then to Nipomo, it’s only a matter of time before the problem gets worse in the South County.

There is a battle going on in SantaBarbara right now, regarding a gang injunction. Some people want it, some don’t. Most people are in denial about the gang-violence in SB. It’s increasing, and I don’t know why people go into denial about it.

Just look at Oxnard and SantaMaria…the cancer is spreading. There is more gang-violence in all the communites from SLO down to ThousandOaks.

It’s just a fact of life.

It is NOT a fact! Violent crime is down in the county, in the state, and in the country. It is half of what it was 20 years ago. That is a FACT. You people confuse PERCEPTION for REALITY.

it was lead in gasoline all along YaY science.