Help identify drunk woman on rampage in San Luis Obispo, video

May 4, 2024


During an apparent drunken rampage, a woman damaged four cars at the Smith Volvo dealership in San Luis Obispo last week. Management is hoping the public can help identify the culprit.

Shortly after 2 a.m. on April 27, the woman walked onto the car lot on Monterey Street and ripped of wiper blades, kicked doors and smashed glass.

She climbed on the hood of one vehicle and kicked the windshield until it cracked. She lost her balance several times, denting and scratching the hood. The cost of her rampage is over $4,500.

Management at Smith Volvo Cars is asking anyone who recognizes the woman to call the San Luis Obispo Police Department.


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This is $4500 in damages, clearly documented. This is a total felony. She should be prosecuted. These people NEVER pay restitution.

It would be better, if convicted, if this woman just went to jail for quite a while and got sober, as she will never ever pay the dealership for the damages. Meanwhile they can’t sell the car and are losing money on it.

I assume the police visited the bars downtown to see if anyone could identify her?

The black car in the video looks like a Camry, so not that big of a loss….

Ahem.. no harm, no foul. (apparently no edit either on CCN)

She seems cute and feisty. No harm… no fowl!

Her parents are going to be so proud!

Good old 100% legal alcohol!!

I wonder if that’s one of our Future Leaders from Cal Poly…

I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s how all of these mental crybabies behave.

You are wrong on both counts.

She might be going to Cal Poly, but maybe not. Either way, hopefully she wakes up, feels like crap, sees this video, and decides to stop drinking. Looks like she had a bad night downtown and decided to walk home alone, drunk and angry. That woman has probably always acted like that on alcohol, and likely the reason she has no friends walking her home. Some people just shouldn’t drink.

You forgot make restitution for the damage.

I sense your sarcasm, but that’s not going to happen. Would you wake up and turn yourself in? I doubt it. Not many would. I wouldn’t, that’s for sure. This woman’s best course of action is to pour all her booze down the drain, never drink again, and keep her mouth shut. Hopefully she’s ashamed of her dumb behavior and realizes she has too much to lose.

Does anyone have a good reason why this woman should turn herself in? I mean, in all likelihood, the cops won’t do much to find this her (other than collecting “tips” from the video), and if she turns herself in she’ll just end up in a world of legal pain. “It’s the right thing to do” just isn’t a good enough reason.

Send the dealer a check and never speak of it again.