Sheriff deputy turned bank robber?

November 22, 2013
Bruce Valentine

Bruce Valentine

The 70-year-old Paso Robles man arrested Wednesday for robbing a Cambria bank was a former Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy. [KCOY]

From 1969 to 1977, Bruce Valentine served as a deputy before leaving the department because of a non-service related disability.

On Wednesday morning, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Valentine at his Heritage Ranch home for the Nov. 7 robbery of a Rabobank in Cambria. During the robbery, a man wielding a gun and disguised in a mask demanded cash.

Law enforcement officials ordered roadblocks leaving Cambria, but the robber escaped. An investigation later led to Valentine.



Wondering if the former deputy was a Drug War Cop. Drug War Cops commit armed robbery all of the time and behave like there is nothing wrong with it.


The criminal classes, welfare-parasites on the government payrolls don’t have special rights?


Well he worked for them (Sheriff’s) in the early seventies before big pensions and he didn’t get his twenty years in, so must have been supplementing his income??


He probably gets disability payments, social security, and Medicare, and perhaps he has a wife that worked. He doesn’t need to be supplementing his income with bank robberies, he needs to learn to live within his income.


Or go on welfare like 50% of our welfare class who are getting some type of handout from what is left of the working class.


Are we reading the same article? Guy decides to rob a bank, guy gets caught (Duh), guy goes to jail; over and out. How does any of that link up with y’alls Obama bashing and/or the oh so tiring and ongoing snivel: “ain’t it awful?”

maybe not

It’s the CCN way.


Times are getting rough for everyone I guess. But, we keep believing things are getting better. Surplus, development, employment, affordable healthcare, education, safety, etc. The question: Better for who?


I never thought things were getting better, actually, I think things are going to get much worse until the American people wake up.

Ben Daho

Tammy. “Wake up’? Please explain.. (I’ll wait)