California Lobbying firm accused of promoting illegal contributions

December 27, 2013

lawsuitA former employee of one of California’s most prominent California lobbying firm says her former employer facilitated illegal contributions to dozens of politicians — including nearly a third of the Legislature. {LATimes]

In a suit filed by Rhonda Smira, she says that Sloat Higgins Jensen and Associates tapped its high rolling clients to steer hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks to favored politicians. However, none of the politicians or donors are named in the suit.

Smira says she was fired in late 2012 after she informed her employers some of their practices were illegal.

The suit also claims that company founder Kevin Sloat gave gifts to legislators and then ordered his staff not to keep records of the gifts. State laws prohibit lobbyists from donating to lawmakers or candidates for the Legislature, and from directing such contributions.

The lawsuit alleges that Sloat and his firm failed to follow laws by arranging private dinners, doling out major league sports tickets and arranging outings.

In addition, Sloat said she arranged elaborate fundraisers at Sloat’s home where lobbying clients were expected to make political donations.

According to the lawsuit, 37 lawmakers and other public officials received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in illegal contributions through Sloat’s firm.


Russ J

Slimy, sleazy political machine. We deserve them. We keep voting for them. FOOLS!


Prosecution of the ” johns” has been an effective way of deterring prostitution. Going after the prostitute is more effective in politics. Post the names of the politicians and all they receive for their “service”.


A show of hands please; who’s surprised? Thought so.

fishing village

The previous administration in Morro Bay (Noah Smuckler, voted NO), hired a lobbyist, around $150,000 to try to influence the Coastal Commission to support the Waste Water Treatment Plant near the old location (on the beach front), I wonder if that money was diverted to political campaigns of those local politicians who ran for office afterward. Bill Yates, Carla Borchard/Wicksom and Joan Solu (who wasn’t on the council but ran on the same ticket).


Of course they did. How else can we have the best government that money can buy.