California transgender law set to take effect

December 26, 2013


A law requiring California public schools to let transgender students use sex-segregated facilities is set to take effect Jan. 1, despite a legal challenge. [KTVU]

The law will allow students identifying as transgender to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the sex with which they identify.

A coalition of conservative groups called Privacy for All Students is currently gathering signatures in attempt to launch a referendum to repeal the law on the November ballot. Privacy for All Students is reported to have gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures, and counties have until Jan. 8 to verify them.

If the campaign achieves the mandatory number of signatures, it will trigger a suspension of the law.

Nonetheless, the California School Boards Associations is moving ahead with its implementation. The association advised schools to handle transgender facility requests on a case-by-case basis, but also to prepare for making private changing arrangements for both transgender students and for classmates who object to changing with them.

“We did strike a balance between the sensitivities associated with gender identity, not only for those students who experience a change in their gender status but the students who would be in the same facilities, in the same classrooms and on the same teams,” said association General Counsel Keith Bray.



This law should also apply in all govt offices including the state legislative offices. Let moonbeam and the rest of the dims deal with this too. Fair is fair– right? Or are our ‘law makers’ too good to follow the laws they pass for us?


This is want happens when people vote democrat, legislation like this. What’s next, registered sex offenders rights too. We need Vladimir Putin over here, we wouldn’t things like transgender orientation laws like this. If we stay blue in this state, trust me there’s more laws like this coming


All of my out of state relatives were here for Christmas, they always have a good laugh while reading the morning papers.


Belize here I come…


Seriously? This is a big deal?

Recently I was in San Francisco, in the ACLU offices. Granted this is probably the most politically correct place on the West Coast. Having a need to go, I used the restroom. I noted that there were stalls around the urinals. Seemed unusual.

Later, some folks at the meeting I was attending were talking about the gender neutral rest room. What gender neutral rest room? I asked. Turns out that was the one I used.

So, put stalls around the urinals, and lets share. Is there really anything secret about what goes on in the toilet?

As to overly sexcited boys claiming to be tg to get in the girls room, there has to be an official declaration. This is not something one does on a whim, especially in the context of high school.


And the gender neutral showers?