Coast Union High grad stars as naked survivalist

December 20, 2013

Forrest Galante

A graduate of Coast Union High School in Cambria has become the high scoring survivalist on the Discovery Channel reality Show “Naked and Afraid.” [Tribune]

Forrest Galante, 25, survived three weeks in a Panamanian jungle amid stormy weather and without any clothes. Galante had a survival partner, a naked woman he met on the beach, with whom he constructed a shelter and gathered food.

Galante managed to earn the highest ever survival skill score on the Discovery Channel show, which is in its second season, but it was not easy.

“A water filter, and lighter — without them it makes such a difference,” Galante said.

The Naked and Afraid episode aired Dec. 8 and is replaying on Discovery Channel.

Galante is now living with fiancee and high school sweetheart in Santa Barbara and is operating a travel cuisine website, Prior to moving to the Central Coast, Galante lived in Zimbabwe.

He is also an avid diver with a degree in micro-cellular biology from UCSB.


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This guy was a real contender. Getting past the being naked in public thing, it’s an interesting show where you have to protect yourself from the elements and critters with no clothes. At first glance it looks like the dude is going to fail but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He not only kicked ass on the environment, but he had to deal with a whack job of a partner who surprisingly stuck it out to the end. Way to go local boy.